BOS Teases New Obsys Upside Down Fork

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So far, details are scant, save for the video and a few images below, all via BOS’ Facebook page. If the Obsys name seems familiar, it’s because BOS came from Sunn, who made the Obsys brand raced by Nico Vouilloz back in the day.

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(No video above? Have a link to it instead).

BOS Obsys teaser
Progression adjustment? Positive and negative air springs?
BOS Obsys teaser
Is that a bottom bracket tool fitting? Whether it is or not, it appears these might be threaded caps for servicing.
BOS - Obsys upside down fork
The rock guards have the texture of an additive 3D print – so while the rest of the fork may look incredibly polished, that bit is still very much a prototype.
BOS - Obsys upside down fork
It appears to be a 27.5 Santa Cruz V10 rather than one of the 29ers The Syndicate have been running on the downhill circuit this year. Though, this fork also appears to be a different prototype to the one shown in most shots.
BOS Obsys teaser
The rest of the images don’t give us much. Yep, it has clamps…
BOS Obsys teaser
… and an axle. For sure.
BOS Obsys teaser
The model shown here only has one air valve…
BOS Obsys teaser
We thought we’d spotted Bob from Twin Peaks here at 1:20, but no.

If you’re confused about the Obsys, BOS and Sunn names, you can read more here, but basically: Obsys was a trademark of Sunn, registered in November 1996. It stood for Obstacle System, but was designed by Olivier Bossard, and some people misinterpret it as “Oliver Bossard Suspension System”. In 1999 he founded BOS:

“BOS Engineering has been created by Olivier Bossard in october 1999. Olivier came from Sunn Bycicles, where he was in charge of the R&D, and especially of the factory team.As a great fan of motrosports, but also as a good MX and MTB rider, Olivier has always been facinated by the suspension systems. The bikes that he created at Sunn, for the downhill factory team still remainthe most evoluated of the MTB history, and the most successful at this time, with many world tiltes claimed.

During the first months of Bos Engineering, the company is involved in MTB, with Nicolas Vouilloz, rally car, with Serge Jordan ; motorbike with many top enduro or MX riders. Bos activities range is wide : from tuning suspensions to building the first dampers, and designing frames or drive trains for other companies.”

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