Video: Killian Bron and Friends Explore A Mine

by David Hayward 0

Old mines are dangerous – even levels that just go into hillsides rather than descending through long shafts. Some contain noxious gas, some have risks of rockfalls, and all of them have low ceilings (I once went exploring some with friends, and on walking in it took all of five seconds to klonk my hardhat into something that felt like it would have done a lot of damage to my skull otherwise). Often, we here at Singletrack Towers find ourselves wishing there was a way to make them more dangerous, and now, there is! Just add bicycles.

Killian Bron, along with some friends, went to explore a mine and film it. Their rider lighting setup is pretty sweet, as usually it’s hard to get good footage in the dark without an overexposed centre, but they’ve managed to get clear POV shots.

(Can’t see it? Try this link).

Before they find the mine, they find some really nice looking rock/mud chutes.
I think I speak for us all when I say that’s exactly where most of us would stand casually holding a bike.
Tunnels like this are the perfect companion to loud freehubs.

This isn’t the first time people have ridden in mines or caves. In 2014 we got to watch Aaron Chase and Chris Van Dine ride into a Mexican hole:

(No video? Try this link).

Again in 2015, he explored some abandoned mine workings:

(Can’t see it? Follow this link).

Abandoned places are alluring to us for many reasons: apocaphilia perhaps, the aesthetics of decay, the excitement of being somewhere we’re maybe not supposed to be. While these riders make it look cool and easy, they’re used to riding things most of us can’t. Some places can also be very dangerous, and are inaccessible for really good reasons. Don’t go flying into any mines, and be careful out there, everyone.

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