Monday Morning Debrief 92

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What the what? It’s Monday? Noooo…..

Let’s try and perk things up a bit with a tune. Hell, let’s mix a tune and a video.

Was your weekend riding as smooth? As casual and uninterrupted? I was attempting to get closer to this level of ride Nirvana by working on some technique at the pump track. Success factor: low. Photographic evidence: nil. Let’s see what everyone else got up to.

Ross is back from a week of ride bliss in the mountains of France. After a ten hour drive yesterday, he’s still managed to get in to work first thing this morning with perfectly coiffured hair. What a man.

France. Not rubbish.
(Mostly) leg powered to get here. Oof.

Chipps has been off on a tour of Scotland, culminating in a spot of out-of-character Downhill activity at Fort William. He’s done the No Fuss endurance Downhill before and liked it so much he thought he’d have another go. After eight laps Chipps finished in a respectable 34th place. We’re still waiting for him to get upstairs to his desk, although maybe it would be kinder to set him up something with level access today.

Chipps in full shred set up.
Does the sun always shine at Fort William?

Mark spent the weekend dancing instead of riding, shanking his thing at the Blue Dot Fesitval, in between bouts of deep thought about stuff like dark matter.

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Wil was/is at Blue Dot too, celebrating his birthday and presumably partying too hard to operate a phone, since no photos have yet emerged.

Fresh Goods Friday live featured the consumption of brake oil. Luckily it was indeed edible.

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    Pretty much anything is edible…although somethings are only edible once

    Looks like a tidy bike Chipps.

    It’s a brave man who follows Pat from TWR to the top of an ALP.

    And an even braver one who follows him down again……. 😉


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