eBay Watch: £8000 For A (Secondhand) Groupset?

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We’re sure this is old news in Retro Bike Land, but we’ve just stumbled upon this listing for a collection of mid-90s mountain bike components from well-known manufacturers like Paul’s Components, Kooka and Chris King. They all have the Rasta-style colours of red, yellow and green in common, and they’re all apparently pretty secondhand and used. However, with plain silver Paul’s rear mechs alone going for several hundred quid, getting all this lot together in one place is quite the retro-happening. And it’s reflected in the price – coming in at the ‘well-heeled collectors only bracket.

All this could be yours – for the price of a decent secondhand van…

So, fancy a punt? We can’t see this, admittedly carefully curated, groupset going quickly and we’d rather see it start at 99p to see where the self-balancing karma of eBay pricing will take it.

Kooka was one of the pioneers of multicolour anodised fades.

Here’s the link.

And you’ll be pleased to see that it announces ‘Free P&P’ – so that’s OK then…

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