Cotic Publish… Un-Unboxing Video?

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Unboxing videos are a well established YouTube genre, but Cotic have got in touch with the opposite, because they won an award for their bike boxes. We think it was the 2016 UK Packaging Awards as announced here… unless they’ve been racking up a string of awards and trophies for their packaging.

The award could also be read as vaguely insulting in a similar way to complementing an artist on the frame they put their picture in, but I guess the panel would make terrible bike reviewers, and many of us will take praise where we get it! Cotic do get plenty of praise for their bikes, and I guess it’s only fair for the spotlight to move onto something else for a bit. The traditional way of having to snip zip tied pipe lagging and special injection molded parts off a new bike in the box is annoying, time consuming and overall much worse for the environment than just cardboard. To be fair, if you use bike boxes instead of bike bags to take them on holiday, this looks like much less hassle than homebrew bike padding too.

Anyway, here’s one Cotic boxed earlier:

(No video? Try this link).

If you want one of these boxes, you get one free with every bike you buy from

Cy writes:

“As we got more and more heavily into supplying complete bikes last year, we started a little project with our box supplier to come up with some custom inserts to make sure the bikes were properly looked after when we shipped them. Incredibly enough, the resulting design won an award at the cardboard industry ‘Oscars’ a couple of months ago. Yes, there really is an awards night for the cardboard and paper industry. Kind of gives a literal meaning to ‘turns up to the opening of an envelope’.

Every bike we send out goes in one of these, and because we set up the bikes completely before boxing up, our customers are just a front wheel, handlebar and pedal install away from bicycle Good Times when the big Cotic box arrives. Just think; if we put this much thought into our boxes, how much thought goes into our bikes?

By the way, the bike in question is a Rocket Gold build with a few choice upgrades via our Go Custom program which included Fox Float X2 shock and Transfer post, 2018 Pike, Hope E4 brakes and AM Stem. Lovely!”

Cotic box

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    They’ve totally missed the point of bikepacking.

    That looks great, a lot less faff than my usual technique, involving pipe lagging, gaffer tape, zip ties and lots of swearing.

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