Peaty’s Steel City DH Race Report

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240+ riders of all ages and backgrounds signed up to take part in this year’s Steel City Downhill. The course, which is located in Greno Woods, Sheffield, is the same one used last year making it the ideal race for anyone to have a go at.

Unlike the super steep, technical downhill courses found in World Cup or BDS races, the Steel City course has a mild gradient which is just as much fun rolling down on a fully rigid fat bike as it is on a full on downhill race machine. Speed and level of difficulty remain very much in the hands of the rider, with plenty of opportunities to hit drops and jump corners, or simply follow the trail at your own pace.

The atmosphere is more like a festival than your normal race
The atmosphere was more like a festival than your standard race

Before any racing could begin, all riders were given the opportunity to walk the track then each of us had to make two practice runs to qualify for the race.

Eagerly waiting for practice to begin
Eagerly waiting for practice to begin

The first round of racing was held in glorious sunshine with every rider putting in really impressive race runs. Come round two though and the heavens had opened making the hardback terrain quite greasy.

Ratboy dropping in to the bomb hole.
Ratboy dropping into the bomb hole.

For those not racing through the woods, there were plenty of stalls to shop at, browse and fill up on coffee and quality food.

Coffee station perfectly located at the finish
Coffee station perfectly located at the finish

If you missed the race this year we highly recommend that you either sign up to take part next year or just pop into the woods to cheer other riders on.

Andi hoped the results would have stayed like this…

Peaty’s Steel City Downhill Results

Full results, plus a few more photos, can be found over on the Roots and Rain website.

Leighton Vans Pro-Am Men
1. Eddie Masters
2. Phil Atwill
3. Craig Evans

60 Stick Pro-Am Women
1. Tracey Moseley
2. Chloe Taylor
3. Martha Gill

Shred XS 10-12 Boys
1. Owen Rick
2. Kenzie Nevard
3. Max Ward

18 Bikes 13-14 Boys
1. Jordan Williams
2. David Wilcox
3. Lewis Beardsell

Flare Clothing 15-16 Boys
1. Wesley Fife
2. Ben Jackson
3. Matteo Crompton

Expert Bike Repair 17-18 Boys
1. Kade Edwards
2. Jake Monk
3. Luke Knight

Bike Garage 19-29 Men
1. Ed Thomsett
2. Jack Read
3. Matt Hockenhull

Polaris 30-39 Men
1. Ben Deakin
2. Gareth Jones
3. Tom Harrison

Hope 40-49 Men
1. Jason Dickinson
2. Chris Whitfield
3. Woody Hole

Fasthouse UK 19-29 Women
1. Abigale Lawton
2. Hannah Saville
3. Toni Fryer

Joystick 30-39 Women
1. Anya Tolwinska
2. Catrin Oldfield
3. Jaime Gray

Royal Racing 40+ Women
Beverley Adipura
2. Cath Tilford
3. Julia Ferguson

For more details about the event, and to keep an eye on what’s in store for 2018 take a look at the Steel City Downhill website.

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