Video: Trailbuilding Behind The Scenes

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Situated in the Deep South of the good ol’ USA, the state of Arkansas isn’t exactly the first place you think of when pondering mountain bike trails over the other side of the Atlantic. Wedged in between Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas, Arkansas is pretty far away from the usual riding hotspots such as Sedona, Utah and Colorado.

Thanks to recent developments in Northwest Arkansas however, the ‘Oz Trails’ (as they’re known) are bringing more mountain bikers to the area to shred on purpose-built singletrack that ranges from the super easy, to the super challenging. There’s over 200 miles worth of trails there, including loads of backcountry singletrack that reaches deep into the wilderness.

We first got wind of the Oz Trails after watching that sweet video of Joey Schusler & Rosara Joseph shredding some of the local singletrack. Now we’ve got another video to tempt our travel bug, though this time it’s a behind-the-scenes look at how some of the work that goes into developing the singletrack amongst the Oz Trails network. Enjoy!

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