Sea Otter 2017: Clever Chain Tool Tyre Lever

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Amid all of the carbon full suspension bikes and whizz-bang suspension, a small booth had a simple, ingenious and affordable product. The Clever Original tyre levers are a clip together pair of very sturdy feeling tyre levers. But slide the two cutaways together and you have a very useable tool that works as a split link splitter.

Two study, clip together tyre levers
Put together and you have a chainlink tool. And maybe salad tongs.

The company shared a booth with the cleverly named Silic-ONE company that offers silicon grips and bar tape.

Points for the clever name
Slide on and lock on silicon grips
Grippy bar tape too

Both companies are looking for UK distributors, but we’ll be doing our best to get them sorted out soon so we can get to play with them.

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