Sea Otter 2017: 9Point8 New XC Dropper Post

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9Point8 has been developing a dropper post for XC racers, ‘cross riders and riders with teeny frames.

The new Fall Line post has a 75mm drop and a 400mm length, of which 135mm is cuttable to save a little weight (or to clear seat tube obstructions.) The untrimmed post weighs in at 390g, which is lighter than the KS Lev Carbon Post we just got. There’s also a 125mm drop version of the post that doesn’t have the trimmable option.

The 125mm, the untrimmed 75mm post and a trimmed one
Cut here…
The post needs stealth routing but we can see ‘cross racers making this work
The family
9Point8 get Wolf Tooth to make their thumb lever
Or there’s this lever that will also do over the bar operation.
The Trigger works like a chicken lever on a ‘cross bike
‘It seemed so simple but took ages’ – a new clamp for oval rail saddles…

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