Five Ten Launch New Shoes For Kids

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Five Ten already do a lace up shoe for children, but coming in Autumn this year is this rather dashing range of velcro fastening shoes. Behold. Surely these would make any kid cool.

5ten kids shoes
Collect ’em all?

Made with a Phantom rubber sole – which is coloured but non-marking, so they’ll be handy for games halls at school as well as bike fun – these new Freerider Kids VCS will be available in UK sizes 9 to 2 (with adult sizes starting at UK 3).

5ten kids shoes
We love those soles

These are the three colours available – we love the contrasting soles. And for schools with a uniform we’re wondering whether those black ones might just pass muster as a school shoe?

Please can we have adult sizes?

With many adults choosing to wear the Five Ten Freerider as a casual shoe, we can see that these may well offer parents a great versatile and robust shoe for their kids – something that is great and sticky on the bike but offers the added value of doubling up for day to day wear. At £50 a pair they’re not going to compete with cheap supermarket shoes, but the pricing looks competitive when compared to better quality shoe shop offerings.

5ten kids shoes

We’ve all experienced the difference that a great pair of shoes can make to riding confidence, so these could be just what your child needs to make the next step up in their riding.

5ten kids shoes

The lace up version is already in shops if you can’t wait until Autumn, but for younger riders (and harassed parents) the velcro option is surely going to be a popular choice?

5ten kids shoes

And did we mention how cool these look? While we’re at it, let’s give Five Ten a high five for resisting a girl/boy divide in the children’s range, and also for their use of a woman on the front cover on their catalogue.

5ten kids shoes
Too cute. Too cool.

We might have to start a campaign to get these in adult sizes, as we really like the look of these. Imagine how easy they’d be to get on and off. No laces for when things get confusing after the pub.

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