9point8 Partner With Wolftooth Components to Create Digit Remote

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It’s not just SRAM bringing a new dropper remote to the table this week. 9point8, creators of the Fall Line dropper post, have been working with Wolftooth Components to make a swish underbar lever.

9point8 Digit
Under bar. Wunderbar!

Here’s a brief introductory video:

(No video? Here’s a link).

If some of the tech in that looks familiar, it’s because it’s shared with another lever made by partner Wolftooth, the ReMote. That and the Digit both have a breakaway axle, making repairs cheaper in the event of crash damage, and a cartridge bearing at the centre of the lever that makes it run smoooooth. The bearing also gives a very gently curved cable path. Lever weight is a hair under 38g, and it’s compatible with SRAM Matchmaker and Shimano I-Spec clamps.

Note the cable pull on the Digit is specifically set for Fall Line dropper posts – and will also work with the Raceface Turbine and Easton Haven droppers, which are based around the same internals. If you want similar breakaway, under bar, big bearing goodness for a different cable actuated dropper though, you’ll probably need to track down the Wolftooth lever.

9point8 Digit
That bearing keeps the lever running smoothly and gives it a different lever feel to most.

We got in touch with UK 9point8 distributor Shore Lines to ask about UK availability and pricing for the Digit. The remotes will apparently be on their site tomorrow, with a price of £18.99 when purchased with a Fall Line dropper post, or £68.99 if purchased aftermarket.

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    That seems like quite an amount of exposed inner cable. Tested through the British winter??

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