We’re At The London Bike Show!

by Hannah Dobson 2

It’s very quiet here in the office today, and it’s not because our office coffee machine is broken (although it is, and we are truly suffering because of it). No, it’s quiet because many of the Singletrack gang are down south, in that there London, at the London Bike Show.

London Bike Show
In the beginning, there was a space…

Building the stand has given everyone in the office the excuse to play with power tools.

London Bike Show
Ross. Not a proper builder – look at his bum.
London Bike Show
Looking for the screwdriver?
London Bike Show
Picnic bench testing. It is safe.
London Bike Show
Men at work/play.
London Bike Show
Getting there…

We’ll be bringing you news from the show, but we also have an actual real life stand there, so you can come and visit us. It’s number LB1818, not too far from the test track and Riders’ Lounge. Come along and have a chat to the team, watch our movie, and sit on our picnic table and admire the Alchemy Arktos we have on display. Yes, that super bling one that we had in Fresh Goods Friday last week. We might let you stroke it, but you’re not allowed to lick it.

Drooling allowed, but no licking.
London Bike Show
Is that a dead swan on the floor?

We may not have any coffee in the office, but down at the bike show you can get a free coffee with every purchase from our stand. Result! It’s real and proper coffee too, thanks to Handpresso.

Handpresso Coffee
Sigh. Caffeine.

So come on down and see us. If you can’t make it along, check out our Facebook feed and website over the coming days – we’ll be reporting from the show with various things that catch our eye.

London Bike Show
Strong work from the Hi-Vis squad.

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  1. Arrggh I head home from London tomorrow Hannah, disappointing. Still, can’t wait to test the Alchemy 😉 lol

  2. I got a very cheery “Hello” from the team and like a sycophant I wore the STW T-shirt, I felt all warm inside…

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