iceBike* 2017: Madison Bike Luggage

by Chipps 1

With the growing popularity of bikepacking/’modern touring’/accessorised homelessness there is a growing world of manufacturers ready to kit you up with frame bags, bar bags and seat sausages. While some of it is hand-sewn in Alaska by bearded adventurers in chunky knitwear, not all of us can afford the cost or the lead times while we wait for the manufacturer to return from a floatplane trip across the Arctic.

The prototypes just carry a subtle caribou-head logo to identify the brand

Luckily Madison has been working on some pretty affordable gear that still offers taped seams, rugged strappage and enough cargo space for your gossamer sleeping bag and hammock. Coming out ‘by the summer’ there’ll be two seat sausages, two sizes of frame bag and a handlebar bag. The bar bag and the seat bag are fully taped and waterproof with roll-top closure. (The frame bag has too many sideways zips to be economically waterproofed, so it’s listed as ‘showerproof’)

Velcro handlebar mounting, with room for a supporting strap on the front of the bag
Insides of the bags are all fluoro yellow for good visibility when fishing around inside

The bags have been in development for a while (as has more conventional commuting luggage sets of panniers) but the bikepacking gear should be available from early summer. You weren’t planning on sleeping rough before then, were you? Prices are still in flux, but look something like this:

  • Small, waterproof, roll-top seat sausage: £59.99
  • Large, waterproof, roll-top seat sausage: £69.99
  • Handlebar roll: £49.99
  • Small frame bag: £40
  • Small frame bag: £50

And if they go down well, expect to see fuel tanks, feed bags and other luggage in the works.

Clipped roll-top on the seat sausage
Subtle logo and brightly visible zip pull for when you need a gel in a hurry
This is the smaller of the two frame bags
And this is the larger, shown on a medium Genesis Longitude. Perhaps they’d do a ‘bike and bags’ package?
Long bar bag is ideal for bulky, lighter items like your sleeping bag or down jacket.
It’s great to see additional storage on top for things like flipflops or that lunchtime baguette
The all-up package looks pretty smart

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  1. “Seat sausage” is the best honest product description since “minty arse lard”.

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