Watch These Guys Try And Remove A Fat Bike From An Electric Fence

by Hannah Dobson and Wil Barrett 4

We’re all about covering current affairs here at Singletrack. After all, we are cycling journalists with our fingers on the pulse. Today’s most shocking news is delivered via this positively electrifying video that has left everyone in the office rolling around laughing and screaming “OHM MY GOD!”.

You might be asking; Watt exactly is going on here? Well, it involves a number of mountain bikers who were out conducting their usual riding circuit, until they came across this electric fence where they met some untimely resistance. An attempt to remove the bike by hand results in quite a negative experience as each rider is zapped by electricity. Feeling powerless in their feeble attempts to rescue said fat bike, the riders then attempt to switch up their tactics by using a wooden stick to lever the bike up and off the fence. Despite the clear dangers at hand, from the sounds of all the laughing going on in this video, the whole debacle didn’t seem like much of a buzzkill.

Our first reaction was ‘it’s a fat bike, and rubber is insulating, so what better bike to have in this situation?’ – but it seems that there’s enough wet mud around to conduct the electricity around the tyres. Which means that they’re left with a fat bike – probably then the worst kind of heavy lump to be trying to lever off the fence with sticks. If you’re going to drop a bike onto an electric fence, you probably want it to be a nice light carbon fibre cross country job, preferably on a dry dusty day.

Video highlights include ‘the dance of the recently electrocuted’, plus ‘a group of men trying to problem solve collectively’. Also there’s someone there with a great laugh.

Electrocuted fat bikers
The dance of the recently electrocuted

Well done to these riders for being good humoured about their mishap, and also for noticing that they needed to give the fence a bit of a straighten up afterwards. Though we can’t help but note that bridleways do not usually include fence crossings…you wouldn’t want be charged with doing anything naughty.

As a final thought, what would happen if you did this to an e-bike (aside from the fact that you’d struggle to lift it over a fence in the first place)?

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  1. These are my mates. We cycled together every weekend, before I moved to Devon. Now I remember why I moved. Problem is they are visiting in June. Expect more soon.

  2. Lift it using the saddle?

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