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Held in the deep heart of British Columbia in Canada, the BC Bike Race is a seven-day international stage race that regularly ranks up there as one of the best mountain bike events in the world. Selling out year on year, the BC Bike Race offers finely tuned event support, a vibing village atmosphere, and some of the best wooded singletrack you’ll ever ride. If you’ve not heard of it before, ask any of your trail-riding mates, and there’s a good chance that the BC is on their bucket list.

2016 celebrated the 10th anniversary of the BC Bike Race, and if you were tuned into back in July, you would have seen our event reports from Day 1, Day 2, 3 & 4, Day 5, Day 6 and Day 7. And as you may recall, this year’s event not only brought some wild and wooly weather, it also brought a new level of technical singletrack with it, with purpose-built trail developed specially for the BC Bike Race.

rocky mountain element bc bike race forest green loam
2016 celebrated the 10th anniversary of the BC Bike Race. Photo: Margus Riga.

As one of the main sponsors of the event, Canadian bike brand, Rocky Mountain Bicycles always turns up to BC Bike Race with a strong team of riders to contend for the overall victory. 2016 was no different, with Andreas Hestler and Quinn Moberg battling out on each day of the seven-day race. The timing was perfect for the Canuck company, having just released its brand new Element full suspension race bike only weeks before the BC Bike Race. With a new bike and podium contenders in tow, Rocky Mountain set out to make a video to showcase its new pride and joy, the result of which we can now enjoy below. It is a big ol’ ad for Rocky’s new Element, but it is such a pretty video that we couldn’t help ourselves being sucked into watching that gorgeous Squamish singletrack. We want!

rocky mountain element bc bike race forest green loam
Loam, glorious loam! Photo: Margus Riga.

“As BC Bike Race celebrates its ten year anniversary, we’re reflecting on where we have come from. The event, our bikes, and the trails here have all evolved in parallel. The bikes we race today, with advanced suspension platforms, dropper posts, and properly aggressive geometry, are nothing like the past. Neither are the trails that are built by dedicated clubs and meticulous trailbuilders. As for the event, it’s evolved from riding a lot of gravel and piecing together little bits of flow, to riding a ton of handcrafted singletrack masterpieces.” – Rocky Mountain PR

rocky mountain element bc bike race forest green loam
Seven days of singletrack bliss at the BC Bike Race. Photo: Margus Riga.

“BC Bike Race is a rough, tough, seven day singletrack adventure. Throughout the week, bikes and bodies take some serious abuse. The best bikes for this event aren’t pure XCO whips or enduro sleds, but something else instead. This year I rode the new Element, and it excelled over multiple days of demanding terrain, and delivered a hell of an experience. I’ve ridden many different bikes over the years, and I can say without hesitation that this is the best bike I’ve ever ridden.” — Andreas Hestler, BC Bike Race

rocky mountain element bc bike race forest green loam
Quinn Moberg punching it on the Squamish stage. Photo: Margus Riga.

“Racing at home is a bit different than racing anywhere else for me. I feel a strong sense of community here and there are so many people that support me and allow me to do what I do. I put a lot of pressure on myself to win races at home because I treat it as my end of the deal. People in town support me, cheer for me, guide me, and motivate me. This is my way of giving back to all those people.” — Quinn Moberg

rocky mountain element bc bike race forest green loam
The man with the mic, Mr Brett Tippie, with the head of Rocky Mountain, Randy McInnis. Photo: Margus Riga.

If you haven’t heard of the BC Bike Race up until now, then we’re guessing you’ll be searching for the “ENTRY” button on the event website. We have bad news for you though, as entries for the 2017 event have already sold out. #sadface. Make sure you save the date for when the entries go live for the 2018 race then, because those start line positions go like hotcakes with maple syrup on ’em!

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    i’ve been fortunate enough to do 2015 and 2016 BCBR. It really is a great & fun event.

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