Can GoPro’s Remo “Snap us a pic”?

by Andi Sykes 0

GoPro, like many of us, will be looking forward to the end of 2016 but before they launch into 2017 with a fresh focus they have a new accessory on sale in time for the holidays!

The GoPro Remo is a wearable remote control for the new range of Hero 5 cameras. It won’t work on any GoPro older than the Hero 5 as it’s a voice activated remote a feature on available on the latest generation GoPro.

gopro remo

With the clip on remote attached to your person, you can simply ask your GoPro to take a photo or start recording a video (as long as you’re within the 10-meter range).

Promo video showing the Remo in action has the remote working when clipped to a collar and even to the mast of a surfboard. GoPro’s blurb states the Remo can pick up voice commands in windy or noisy conditions but as a backup, there’s also a simple one button control element too.

gopro remo
This is how we got to work early last week.

Annoyingly, the links that GoPro provided us with in their press release didn’t work and once we got it work (remove the first ‘%20’ for anyone who got the email) the shop link doesn’t work either. However, we have tracked the Remo down in GoPro store to discover that it costs £69.99 in the UK, that it understands 13 commands (none of which are listed) and 10 languages (also not listed).

The video does teach us that the Remo will work when the command “GoPro start recording” is used, but we wonder how well it works with localised accents? Or if it is smart enough to learn from different regions terms or even slang?

Could we be asking our GoPro’s to “Snap us a pic”, “Make me famous on Instabangers” or “Record a sick edit” in the future? Watch this space!