Video: New Morvelo Autumn Winter Collection

by Hannah Dobson 0

The folks at Morvélo clearly live Down South because they’ve just launched their Autumn/Winter collection with a new video, and here Oop T’North we’re pretty sure we’re already in the depths of winter. Not that we’re bitter about their jolly sunny life Darn Sarf with all that loam and dust and stuff. We love our frozen wastes, muddy moors and gritty filth. We do.

Honestly, that doesn’t look like fun at all does it? No. Let’s look a bit closer at how little fun they’re having down there.

Standing around without catching hypothermia.

In this image we can see that that the rider is not cold and wet. Hair is not plastered in mud, and there is no waterproof in evidence. We can’t imagine how un-fun that would be, to be stood outside without at least four layers, without needing medical attention.

Berm with no puddle.

Again, here we have a rider who is missing out. Riding a berm that doesn’t have a large brown pool on its inside is missing at least 80% of the fun that it is possible to have while riding.


Popped a jump, styled it up, landed safely? No mud sliding skid into lost control and certain doom? You’re not living.

Where is the mud?

Looking forward through your glasses and still able to see where you’re going? Not consuming enough mud to consider calling it a food group? Nah. Not having as much fun as you could be having Up North. Our mud is tasty. Peaty. That’s a desirable flavour in whisky you know.

Autumn leaves still golden?

Here we see hues of golden and amber. Up North we saw those about a month ago. Now those golden leaves are firmly turned to slippery mush, well on their way to being next year’s mud. Which we love, of course. Mud is great. We really enjoy having to wash our clothes after every single ride, sometimes even having to change our clothes mid ride. It just gives us an excuse to own more clothes, right? And if some of those happen to be Morvélo‘s then we suppose they won’t mind us being totally happy with our cold dark lives up here while they’re all playing in the warmth Down There, will they?