Throwback Thursday: The Wet Feet Trip

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Throwback Thursday: The Wet Feet Trip
A very promising start to an adventure!

Riding singletrack, foraging for mushrooms and bathing in peat bogs – all in a day’s work on Sweden’s Bohusleden long-distance trail.

Words and pictures by Dominika and Daniel Klawczyński.

I was dreaming about a long-distance enduro trip. Somewhere it would not be straightforward; a place without easily rideable roads, shops or hotels. Getting lost in the wilderness of the far north, somewhere like Lapland, would be ideal. There are no living souls there at all, so you can taste the real off-road adventure, and the challenge of survival too. Looking for the appropriate direction for my peregrination, suddenly I found an enticing route description: a 370km-long, out-of-the-ordinary challenge…

‘Bohusleden’ – this mysterious-sounding term is the name of a long trail through the forests in Sweden (it’s part of the North Sea Trail – a coastal tourist route around the North Sea). I took a closer look, because the name was cropping up frequently in the Swedish riders’ stories I was browsing while searching for my trip. The authors gave a great impression of the access to landscape and nature that this route offers. They were delighted that Bohusleden is mostly singletrack, with several degrees of difficulty. Although these are not mountains, this is not flat terrain and it’s not easy, they warned. I also liked that there are about 112 lakes on the track which you can swim in – just perfect for an extremely hot summer. But these are not the only reasons I chose the Bohusleden for my vacation.

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