Steve Peat Reveals His Dee Dar On Instagram!

by Andi Sykes 12

Steve Peat has been a part of mountain biking for decades now, but sometimes we have to remind ourselves that he isn’t only known for being a downhill race machine, he’s also a savvy business man too.

Peaty is the driving force behind the SPS (Steve Peat Syndicate), he’s a partner in Royal Racing and now he’s just released his very own “Peaty’s Push On’s”.

Available in a range of colours, Peaty’s Push On’s are a replacement silicone valve cap that replaces the usual screw on dust caps. The Push On’s are a universal fit, meaning they’ll work with either Presta or Schraeder valve types and will obviously be just as at home on your car as they would on your bike.

In addition to fitting any valve type, there is no thread inside them meaning you just slip them on and gently tug them off.

Uberbike have Peaty’s Push On’s listed in their online store now for £4.99 a pair and they are available in a wide range of colours.

So now with the details out of the way, let’s hit the comments!

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  1. No ‘mildly disturbing flesh tone’ they’ve missed a trick there.

  2. Peaty’s Push Ons- if you’ve absolutely got to stick a butt plug up your arse, now you can make it a really tiny one.

    Or not, up to you- Steve’s just offering choice, not denigrating your enormously stretched cavity.

  3. …gently tug them off.

    I’m oot.

  4. “…gently tug them off.”

    but no screwing?

  5. Innuendos aside, what is the actual point of these?

  6. I dont think Steve Peat has gone far enough here. To be fair – Presta and Schraeder valves have been around for donkeys years so clearly in need of a fundamental redesign and new “standard” to improve lateral stiffness, ability to release at high speed and get rid of those infernal threaded lock nuts. Of course this new “standard” will need to be completely oversized and require a new pump head. But that’s not a problem because pump manufacturers will in time produce triple headed pumps to accommodate all three standards…. 🙂

  7. I was gonna buy some brightly coloured valve caps to replace the black ones, but now I think i’ll get some of these. nice little idea really.

  8. Stop messing about and just get some of these (as modelled by Sandy Carson’s bike in an early Road Fools video). Fit atop a pencil, so shouldn’t be difficult to adapt to fit a Presta valve.

  9. I thought everyone knew you needed a screw on cap? It provides an essential secondary seal, in case your valve core goes, stopping or slowing, catastrophic deflation. It worked for me on my shock,valve leaking but just got home.

  10. Nice product, but pricing seems wrong. To replace a standard cap costs a few pence, this is that times x 100 per cap. Is the improvement that much better?! Make them £2.00 a pair and he’d shift loads more I reckon.

  11. Can feel the trails “coming alive” already

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