New Light Up Balance Bikes From Ride Phantom

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These landed in our inbox and we wish we were kids again. Light up bikes! Imagine how excited you’d have been as a kid if you had one of these.

Light Up Balance Bike Ride Phantom
Making us wish we were still kids.

Made from clear polycarbonate, they’re available in a choice of LED insert colours, flashing and non flashing, and even a glitter frame option. Full disco. You could argue that it’s a nice safety feature that will keep your little one a little safer by increasing their visibility but frankly all we care about is the fun. You could probably make some lovely arty light tracing shots too. For the child obsessed with playing at emergency services we reckon a flashing blue version would be brilliant. Nee Naah, Nee Naah, Nee Naah! You best hope you have a garden you can chuck them out into, or a good set of headphones.

As well as looking cool, they have pneumatic tyres on 12″ wheels and an adjustable seat height, so they should be functional as well as fun. Batteries aren’t included, and each light insert uses 3AAA batteries – so don’t forget to get some in if you want to avoid tears from you or the children. Further information on the bikes is on Ride Phantom’s own website.

If you want one to play with, or for your offspring to play with, then they will be available to buy from Moore Large for £140. They’ve only just arrived in stock and will be appearing on the website any time now.

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