Aurora Bright Bikes Builds The World’s Most Visible Bike

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With the winter drawing in and the night starting earlier and earlier each day, many riders are ensuring their safety with lights, luminous jackets and reflective bags. These three visibility solutions should mean you’re seen while commuting, but what if you wanted a little more safety?

Aurora Bright Bikes
Call that a Tron bike? This is a Tron bike!

Washington-based start-up, Aurora Bright Bikes, believe they have the ultimate solution. Rather than simply adding lights, reflectors to their bikes, they’ve actually built their bikes from lights!

The company have used advances in 3D printing, composites and LED technology to build bikes from clear tubing that can light up in a rainbow of colours via the internal LED light strips! The main tubes are inserted and bonded to 3D printed lugs for quick and easy manufacturing.

Like all tech start-ups Aurora have even built a smartphone application to control the brightness, patterns and even colours of of the LED lighting.

Aurora Bright Bikes
LED spaghetti cleverly turned to a super visible bike.

3 levels of bike are available starting with the single speed Alpha Bright Bike from $800, moving on to the Prometheus 1 programmable LED bike from $1000 rising to the flagship Apollo XI limited edition for $2500.

If you’re a handy home fettler you can also opt for the DIY Aurora Bright Bike Frame kit for $500.

Aurora Bright Bikes are currently looking for funding via Kickstarter and have already reached $10,000 with 21 days of their funding to go.

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