WTF: £12,000 Robot Soap Box

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It’s hard work being a start up company. There’s long hours, little reward, and definitely no fun. Apparently though, no one has told the folks at Robot Bike Co this. In between printing bespoke bikes out of titanium and carbon, and being nominated for the Singletrack Readers’ Awards, they made this.

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Ed at Robot Bike Co reckons there’s about £12,000 in this derby rig. Best not crash then. Or hit a dog…

If you’d like to buy two of their bikes, for a limited time they say they’ll give you a ‘soap box kit’ for free. Offers surely don’t come much more terrifying than that. However, a soap box kit designed by a bunch of incredibly clever aerospace engineers is probably the safer bet when it comes to attaching things to your carbon pride and joy.

Underneath all that plywood lurks two of Robot Bike Co’s R160s, which you can read all about here.

robot r160
Robot R160


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