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Are you ready to race?? Well you better be, ‘cos round 5 of the Cannondale British Enduro Series (BES) will be on at Innerleithen in Scotland! Some of the country’s best enduro racers will be descending on Tweed Valley this weekend on October the 8th and 9th, and we’ve got some great course preview videos to give you a teaser of what you can expect.

Get your gnar on this weekend in Tweed Valley! Photo: British Enduro Series.

Press Release

Innerleithen is the historic home of downhill mountain biking here in the UK with over 20 years of racing history stored away in the vaults. More recently Enduro has taken a grip of the 7Stanes Forestry Commission’s Scotland network of trails and hillsides. More so on the Golfie which is the range of hills on the other side of the village and is now said to be busier than Glentress which is several miles up the road from Innerleithen. How busy? Busy enough for Alpine Bikes, the local bike shop to be open between 09:00 and 17:00 every Sunday, that busy!

british enduro series tweed valley full face jump rad
If you braaap in the woods and no one is there to see it, do you really braaap? Photo: British Enduro Series.

The event weekend starts off on Saturday with riders making the 60-minute transition from the Forestry Commission Downhill Car Park to the top of the Golfie to attack the first of two stages that day; Repeat Offender and Waterworld. Practice is in the morning followed by racing in the afternoon with riders leaving the finish arena and riding out through the town. Saturdays overall times will be added together and used for seeding of those riders on Sunday with the fastest riders going off last in each category.

Sunday will see riders again practicing in the morning before they race three stages in the afternoon. The stages are Prospacer, Alistair Lee’s and the Cresta/Gold Run which will finish into the finish arena. Live timing instantly combines the stage times for each rider, meaning when a rider crosses the line, we can announce and display their exact time and current position in the race.

Podiums will run immediately after the last elite rider has crossed the line for this weekend’s event, followed by the series overall where the British Enduro Series Champions of 2016 will be crowned.

Want to race the final round of the Cannondale BES? You have three options to race: The two-day package is priced at £75.00 offers you the full weekend of practice and racing with the chance of podiums, prize money and prizes.

The other two options are to race one day on either the Saturday or the Sunday. To introduce new racers to the BES we are excited to offer those one-day entries priced at £45.00 with  the option to race on either Saturday or Sunday. This will allow you to experience the professionally run Cannondale BES and all the associated services on offer from Shimano, SRAM, Hope Technology, Crank Brothers and GT85 with their Bike Wash and Lube station. As well as the Live Timing from Action Sports Timing.

The Cannondale BES website is packed in detail with information regards the event:

Current series standings going into the final round are courtesy of RootsandRain:

Please note the best 4 out of 5 rounds count. Riders are awarded up to 50 points for seeding and up to 200 points for the overall win.



  • 08:00 – 10:00 Race registration.
  • 09:00 Open practice for all riders on stages 1 and 2.
  • 12:00 Start Times Published for the Grand Depart from the finish arena.
  • 13:00 Grand depart from finish arena to race Stages 1 and 2.
  • 18:00 All stages Closed.
  • 18:30 Riders meeting.


  • 08:00 – 09:30 Race registration for riders entered for Sunday only as a one-day event.
  • 08:30 Open Practice for all riders on stages 3, 4, and 5.
  • 11:30 Start Times Published for the Grand Depart from the finish arena for Stages 3, 4 and 5.
  • 12:30 Grand depart from the finish arena to race Stages 3, 4 and 5.
  • 17:00 Podium for top five in each category.
  • 19:00 Clear site. No parking or camping is permitted.
Who will take the glory this weekend??

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    It’s called prospacker not prospacer!

    Artistic license. Aka, changed so as to not cause offence…
    Surely you knew that.?

    I know why the wrong name got into circulation, aye. But it’s still wrong.

    “I know why the wrong name got into circulation, aye. But it’s still wrong.”

    Just wait until they include “Not For Poofs” in a race (again)

    Anyway, megalolz at how dry Prospacker is in that video. Lulling everyone in to a false sense of security.

    Not sure that Golfie is busier than Glentress. Perhaps they meant Inners.
    Nice to see videos in good conditions. Normally gloop when I go

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