Eurobike 2016: Vee Tire Co Show Wider Range With 2.6 and 26+

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We went to see Vee Tire Co. at Eurobike, and found a massively expanded range compared to last year. In 2015 they were a little coy about some of their tyres, saying they were still tweaking them in conjunction with the Swiss Downhill Syndicate team, but this year Vee had all guns blazing, with a bigger stand, far more to show, and tyres available in a much larger range of sizes. Here are the headline things they had.

Interestingly, they now have recommended rim widths for all of their tyres, though so far that only seems to have made it into their print catalogue and not the website.

Firstly, the plus-sized Crown Gem gets a wider range of sizes:

Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
The 27.5 Crown Gem range includes versions with and without sidewall protection, in widths from 3.0 down to 2.6. It’s good to see the range filling out like this; with the options so open it seems likely mountain biking will eventually settle on some stable optimums for a given type of riding.
Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
Oh, and the other option many Vee tyres get for 2017 is: Skinwalls! Come on, you know you love them (black also available).
Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
Crown Gem seems to be the one tyre Vee are vigorously expanding into all niches, with this kids one for 14″ wheels, and a 27.5×2.4 version specifically optimised for wider rims, called the Crown Gem Sweet Spot.
Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
This is the T-Fatty plus tyre, which as well as 27.5 and 29, will also be available in 26×3.0. The 27.5 ones range in width from 2.8 to (according to their website but not the catalogue) 3.25. Recommended rim width for all is 35 – 50mm. For reasons that will become apparent, I’ve had to take this picture from their website…
Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
Unfortunately, Vee couldn’t get all of their new stuff to Eurobike in time, as some of their samples got held up by customs. As a result this tyre wasn’t on the stand, but the label had the vital statistics. Think 26+ will catch on? There were a few companies dabbling with it at Eurobike.
Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
Scanned from their catalogue, this shows just how expansive their tyre range is becoming. Not just a size for every bike, but plus/skinny options for every wheel size too. This doesn’t even include their fatbike and kids tyres, either.
Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
The Flow Snap is a new gravity/enduro oriented tyre available in 29×2.35, and 27.5×2.4.
Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
Designed as an all rounder, looks like it might be good for UK conditions.

As well as gravity and plus tyre,s there were some new XC tyres on show too.

Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
The Rail Tracker has the merest whisper of tread down the centreline, and comes in at 2.0 or 2.2 wide.
Eurobike - Vee Tire Co
The Rail Escape is a more aggressive XC tyre with burlier tread, available in 29×2.25 only.

You can see the range on their website though, or find a UK stockist at

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    If they’re going to publish an “infographic” you would have thought their catalogue designer could have made the ERD the same size for each tyre rim and just enfattened the rubber for the + sizes. Someone send them binners to lend a hand.

    It does confuse more than it enlightens, for sure.
    Looks like 275plus and 29 use the same diameter rim etc.

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