Smith Optics Pops The Colour With ChromaPop

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We recently reviewed the Smith PivLock Arena Max glasses, which impressed us with their lightweight and minimalist styling. New for 2017 will be an additional lens option courtesy of Smith Optics’ ChromaPop technology. So what exactly is that we hear you ask?

Alongisde Oakley’s new Prizm lens series, Smith’s ChromaPop technology is designed to minimise colour interference to offer additional clarity and shaper distinction between different colours. We’ve tried it with some of Smith’s other eyewear models, and it is pretty freaking cool. The greens are super vivid, and everything gets a little sharper on the trail.

Check out the full press release below from Smith Optics;

smith optics arena max chromapop riding glasses sunglasses
The PivLock Arena Max glasses are now available with Smith’s ChromaPop lens tint.

Press Release: Smith Launches New ChromaPopTM Lens Technology for Interchangeable Performance Eyewear and MTB Goggles

Optimized technology for full speed performance, Smith is excited to announce the launch of ChromaPopTM lens technology to its family of PivLockTM interchangeable performance eyewear and select offering of MTB goggles. Providing athletes, endurance enthusiasts and thrill seekers an opportunity to pursue faster with more detail by enhancing visual clarity, greater definition and revealing natural colour.

smith optics arena max chromapop riding glasses sunglasses
Is this one of them psychology tests?

Now available across all sport and lifestyle eyewear offerings, Smith’s proprietary ChromaPop lenses filter light at two specific wavelengths to eliminate colour confusion to the brain while providing sharper, easier and faster visual perception. The result is an upgraded experience offering instant advantage and confidence for peak performance.

smith optics arena max chromapop riding glasses sunglasses
The regular PivLock uses a smaller lens, which is also now available with the bright ChromaPop lens tech. Red-mirror finish for that Terminator look.

The interchangeable lenses are available in the popular PivLock Arena, Pivlock Arena Max and women’s specific PivLock Asana performance sunglasses with four lens tint offerings: ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror (VLT 12%), ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror (VLT 15%), ChromaPop Brown (VLT 17%) and ChromaPop Platinum (VLT 12%). All four tints are ideal for bright sun conditions. Each sunglass model also ships with an extra low light lens, the ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash (VLT 48%), to optimize contrast on overcast days or in low light conditions.

smith optics arena max chromapop riding glasses sunglasses
Don’t want to look like a robot? Smith offer the ChromaPop tech in a range of other lens tints too.

For the MTB goggle category, select ChromaPop lenses will be available for the popular Squad MTB and the Fuel V.2 goggles. Each model will be available with ChromaPop Everyday Red Mirror (VLT 25%) or ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash (VLT 50%), plus a clear lens for evening riding.

smith optics arena max chromapop riding glasses sunglasses
Orange. So hot right now. Orange.

We have no UK pricing on hand at present, but will update as it becomes available. The new ChromaPop range will be available in the beginning of September this year, and we’ll hopefully catch them at Eurobike later this month. In the meantime, head to for further clarity on the new ChromaPop lens (boom-tish!).

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    I’ve had some Smith Chromapop sunglasses for a couple of years now. They’re not sports sunglasses and way too dark for cycling but I love the lens effect… The vivid greens and polarised blue skies are really cool.

    Agreed Beanum – I’ve been riding with the Dischord ChromaPop glasses, which are a sort of a blend of a casual/sports style. The ChromaPop tint makes them really vivid on the trail.

    From what we’ve been told though, the new ChromaPop lens options with the PivLock Arena and Arena Max glasses will be a lighter tint better suited for proper riding conditions.

    Once we get a pair to test, we’ll let you know!

    I really wish they’d do a photocromatic lens for the PivLock Arena – one of the nicest sets of glasses I’ve had in a long time!

    The red photochromic lenses for the previous-generation Pivlocks are the best that I’ve come across. Good contrast and a surprisingly wide range. Still available on their website, but Smith have stopped working with that lens supplier (I’m told), which is a shame as the Arenas have shorter arms that work well with more helmets 🙁

    The ChromaPop lenses are amazing, though, so may well be worth a try.

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