Review: TSG Trailfox Helmet

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By Lara Dunn

The Trailfox is a helmet orientated first and foremost to enduro racers, backcountry and all-mountain riding. It’s designed to be low profile and relatively light, as well as comfortable and extremely protective.

Also available in 'not-enduro blue'
Also available in ‘not-enduro blue’.

I wasn’t expecting a feather weight helmet, given that this is a rugged burly lid designed to protect my noggin from serious knocks, but I was pleasantly surprised by how it didn’t feel too heavy to wear, in comparison with some others I’ve tried. The two sizing options and two sets of pad for each size, as well as a dial-in fit adjuster make sure the fit is as you want it. The S/M with the thicker pads and dialled right in did, however, only just fit my 54cm head. Those with smaller bonces may find the fit too generous. With all the padding and the size adjustment, it’s a really comfortable helmet, and superbly stable, cradling the head really well and not too obvious around the base of the skull. The low-sitting size adjustment dial did occasionally catch on my rucksack when descending, but that probably says more about my rucksack position than anything else. The straps were easy to adjust and the excess was a cinch to keep tucked away rather than flapping round the ears.

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Expression: Concerned. Mood: Apathetic. Helmet: TSG Trailfox.

It’s good looking too, not too bulky, considering it’s an enduro helmet. The self-coloured visor adds to the looks, but despite it being labelled as “adjustable” the little pins that protrude from the visor are remarkably fragile so I’d personally not dare to adjust its position more than once.

Lara models the TSG Trailfox helmet. Style for miles!

As with many enduro style helmets, the Trailfox wasn’t the coolest in terms of airflow, even with its 16 vents and special airflow channels. It still remains a big chunk of insulating material around the head, and as such, is pretty warm for summertime use. That said, since most British summers involve large quantities of rain, it’s protective on that front too.

Overall: It’s a good-looking and extremely protective helmet, comfortable to wear but it does still run very warm and the fit is less than ideal for those with small heads.

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