Tuesday Treats 153: MTB Kerala

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This week, we revisit: MTB Kerala

Another block-rockin’ Treats with a trusted, long time ST partner. MTB Kerala have built a reputation for tour excellence and Mike McLean updates us with all the Kerala details…


We run MTB holidays to some of the most stunning locations on the planet. Simple. For us it’s Himalayan Peaks and tropical trails, booking all the way into our 2016/17 season. When not on tour, our team including Deepak, Pankaj, Chippy and (myself) Mike are to be found in the jungles and forests of India, chasing down any lead in search adding more trail miles to our network of perfect singletrack.

As experienced riders and tour guides Mike, what’s your best seller?

Tour-wise, our Kerala tropical trails are always a winner when its winter in Europe and as a perfect gift to yourself or a riding buddy, we just can’t get enough has-been tubes to make up our Recycled Tadpole Coin Purses


What is the team choice of bike?

All the team are on Nukeproof Mega’s and we enjoy great support from Osprey packs. We are all into our cycle-upcycle products, so it’s home branded wallets, tool pouches, phone protectors and passport holders a few of the lads have even been rumoured to be seen out on the town with our new range of ladies purses (yes, they’re ‘that’ nice).

Tell us something know one knows about the team.

Deepak is too posh to patch and is our biggest supplier of used rubber.

How about some tour highlights that aren’t trail based?

Post ride, ice-cold Kingfisher beers watching the sun turn a salmon pink as it dips into the Arabian Sea. Beat that.


How about the dirty, low-life bits?

Very few but, when we’re scoping trails: Pushing bikes knee deep through fresh elephant dung, only to find a jungle where the trail used to be!

How about a one-off-deal for Singletrack readers to get the juices flowing?

We are all so obsessed with trail-riding we all need to do something different now and again. So we came up with our South India Coast-to-Coast Trip which is a knockout cycle touring/challenge and gives us time to enjoy the tongue-twistingly-tasty delights of Tamil-Tapas, with a Kingfisher beer as a reward.

Singletrack subscribers will receive a complimentary innertube tadpole ride-pouch on booking and a free sunset beer every night for the first week of the trip.

Don’t quite believe how good it is out here? Here’s some moving images that help ‘the trail tell the story’ …


Remind us, what do ST Subscribers get from you guys?

Subscribers benefit from 10% off all our holidays and complimentary sunset drinks for the first week of your holiday.


Where do we find out more?

Drop us a line direct via our website or poke around on our Facebook and Twitter pages for more info.

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