Tour Divide: Guy Martin Finishes, Greg May Not Far Behind

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A week ago we brought you news that Mike Hall had finished the Tour Divide in a new record time. Today we’ve heard that Guy Martin has also finished. Apparently in an attempt to stop him being hunted down by hoards of screaming fans (who would potentially render his attempt disqualified for him having had outside assistance), Guy raced under the pseudonym of Terry Smith – probably the worst kept secret ever.

Guy has finished, although looking at his track log, it looks like he’s taken an ‘alternative’ route in a few places. Maybe there was just something too interesting to miss down that trail, or perhaps he was lured away by a mirage promising giant mugs of tea. Whatever, Guy has finished:

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A statement on the Guy Martin Racing twitter feed reads:

“Guy has completed the 2016 Tour Divide in 18 days & 6 hours – describing it as ‘the toughest thing I’ve ever done – bloody brilliant. 2,712 miles, 185,000ft climbing, brtual”

30 Days of biking
Greg’s Tour Divide set up being tested in the Pennines

But who cares about [superstar TV personality tea drinker and fettler extraordinaire] Guy Martin riding his bike a long way? Far more importantly, our very own Dr Greg May is out there right now, racing towards the finish line. At time of writing he has less than 20 miles to go, and if he wants to finish on Day 20 (his target time), he’s got four hours left. He was well inside his time target until a mechanical that he thought would have him retiring from the race, but he got things sorted and has been putting the power down ever since.

The Tour Divide tracker gives a prediction for when a rider will finish, and since Greg got his bike sorted the projected finish time has come down from well into the 21 day mark to about 3 hours from now.

Go Greg! Follow the blue dot, cheer him on, and have a little whoop/weep when he gets there.

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    Just watched Gregs blue dot finish what an absolutely brilliant effort.

    That’s real mountain biking.

    Don’t forget Rob Colliver!

    Jim Barrow, and son Tom from Worthing are still out there, follow them on the tracker page on the Tour Divide webpage.

    Fantastic achievement

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