Tuesday Treats 152: Rad8

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This week, we introduce: Rad8 MTB Glasses

This week we’re straight back with another block-rockin’ Treats. Introducing new friends Rad8 who, we discover are a bit all over the glasses tech world. The charming Steve Bastow with the detail…

“When you look at the reasons why mountain bikers wear glasses, the main one has got to be for protection. The eyes are amazingly adaptive bits of kit, focusing to different distances, adjusting for different light levels and can self-clean with a simple blink. It’s imperative you wear something to protect them!”


Tell us about Rad8 Steve …

Rad8 MTB Glasses came about initially as a project to try to address protection issues primarily and to produce a product that works specifically for mountain bikers. I’m someone who’s been mountain biking for years, enjoying all the freedom of remote bridleways and the peace and quiet of early morning rides, day rides and evening rides (and in all weathers) where the only other life out there is the wildlife. I felt I could offer something to enhance this experience”.

“In addition, I have limited vision in one eye and have always been obsessed about protecting my good eye. So as I felt the mountain biking market was not that well provided for in this area, I have set about making it my mission to design and develop Rad8 as ‘the brand’ for MTB glasses.”


Talk about this special anti-fog coating …

Our hydrophilic coating treatment ‘Clearview’ can bond with plastics and glass at the nano-scale to create extremely water attracting surfaces. Hydrophilic means the coating attracts water. Rad8 anti-fog coating works on the principal of being hydrophilic instead of hydrophobic.

Instead of water forming droplets on the treated surface, the water wets the surface to form a clear transparent sheet. This positive action with water prevents fogging. Fog on a glass or plastic surface consists of many tiny disassociated condensed water droplets which scatter light. There’s loads more detail on Rad8 Clearview, right here.

What’s been the biggest eye opener 😉 starting your own brand?

The sourcing process has been an interesting one, coming to grips with the relevant regulations, understanding manufacturing practices and dealing with people in different time zones who have never heard of mountain biking or Rad8. So when designing my product for mountain biking, the primary reason was protection, but in addition the Rad8 specification is to produce glasses which are:

  • Lightweight and comfortable designs, so you wear them for the whole ride.
  • Able to stay in position when you are flying down a hill over rough rocky terrain.
  • Supplied with a descent anti-fog coating so they don’t mist up when you are trundling up a hill, very hot, puffing and panting.
  • Adaptable to light and dark conditions so you can wear them for night riding or in the sunlight.
  • Glasses that are stylish and desirable.
Adaptable to light, see …

What’s new on the Rad8 radar?

Well, now is the time to extend the range and get some feedback on designs that you discerning mountain bikers actually want to wear. So, a quick poll readers: Design wise, which of these five tickles your fancy? If you’re logged into the site, please select ONE to enter …

Design A
Design B
Design B
Design C
Design C
Design D
Design D
Design E
Design E


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