PressCamp 2016: White Lightning

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White Lightning

In a refreshingly open way, White Lightning’s presentation here at PressCamp was to say that it had introduced a whole new line of BNG – that is to say, Bold New Graphics. Replacing the current kaleidoscope of coloured bottles of dry lube, wet lube and degreaser is a new none-more-blue graphics range.

White Lightning3

New White Lightning Matte Finish Cleaner

However, lurking among those enduro-blue bottles and cans is a new product that will probably immediately appeal to a growing number of bike owners. A cleaning spray specifically designed to clean matte finishes. Usually matte paint jobs either end up a murky, matte brown colour, or they get buffed into a patchy satin shine. This new spray foams up on contact, you leave it for a short while and then just wipe it off with a rag or paper towel and it leaves the surface clean. Neat stuff.

White Lightning

It’s in stock now (you’ll probably find it with its old (ironically) gloss black can) and it’s worth a look if you have a matte frame. Works on gloss ones too apparently. Price is around £9.99 and it’s distributed by Madison.

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    Auto Glym Car shampoo is great on matte frames as is (only once in a while, when mega clogged up) fairy liquid too. It’s good to see more products coming out for matte though, as I did quite a lot of searching when I bought my bike a couple of years ago.

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