New OEM Cane Creek Shock Announced

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The Cane Creek Double Barrel shock is often cited as being one of the most adjustable rear shocks out there, with tweakable high and low speed compression and rebound damping, plus a pedal platform switch too. However, not everyone needs this amount of adjustment, or perhaps doesn’t have the in-depth knowledge of shock tune and tuning to get the most out of it. There’s definitely enough adjustment there to get yourself into trouble if you don’t know what you’re doing.

A C-Quent with spray-on EnduroMud, yesterday.

With that in mind, and to offer a more affordable shock to OEM bike companies, Cane Creek today announces the C-Quent rear shock. It still features the Cane Creek Double Barrel design, only with simplified controls that just give you control over the rebound damping, the on/off pedal platform (and of course, the air pressure) – in other words, the same amount of adjustment that just about every other common rear shock gives you.

A Blake’s Seven-era logo, this morning.

As it’s intended for the OEMs, there’s no retail price or current plans to sell it aftermarket, but you can expect it to start appearing on 2017 bikes later this year as manufacturers make use of Cane Creek’s good name in shocks to add a bit of flash to their bikes. The idea is that the manufacturer will work with Cane Creek to get the ideal setting of High Speed Compression and Rebound, as well as Low Speed Compression, for each particular bike and leave just the pressure and rebound dialling-in to the customer’s weight and riding preferences.

All the gubbins is still there, just not the adjustability
The Climb switch remains though.

Cane Creek says “The C-Quent is Cane Creek’s first Double Barrel shock featuring a simple tool-free interface for the rider that does not want extensive adjustability. C-Quent has all of the capability that award-winning DB shocks are known for and comes pre-set with an internal custom tune. For minor adjustments, the C-Quent has a Low Speed Rebound (LSR) adjuster and a Climb Switch.

“Starting with a fully adjustable DB shock that has nearly limitless tune-ability, the development team analyzes frame kinematics and utilizes field-testing to produce precise settings that meet the performance goals and desired feel for the bike. Once this base tune is determined, the C-Quent is assembled with HSC, HSR, and LSC fixed at the factory.”

And hey, they said ‘kinematics’.

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    Really? I can’t even troll this. It just takes a little bit of time and actually giving a **** to tune a cane creek to how you like it. The base tunes are given to you on the website. C-Quent, more like F-Kwit.

    but if the base tune works just fine (as it does for me), why pay more for knobs you can fiddle with but never do (that includes me)

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