Mud-friendly Jockey Wheels from Gevenalle

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Gevenalle CX Jockey Wheels Mounted

Claiming to be the world’s first cyclocross-specific jockey wheels, the CX Pulley Set from Portland-based ‘cross specialists Gevenalle look to be well suited to British mountain biking as well.  Concocted with the bearing specialists at Kogel, the CX set is designed with a focus on weather-resistance, durability, and ready serviceability- all values we mountain bikers hold dear.

Serviceability: It's a thing.
Serviceability: It’s a thing.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel,” says Gevenalle founder Adam Clement, “just make better ones.”  Better-sealed than stock pulleys, Gevenalle’s bearings trade a small amount of added drag for greatly improved life and smoother running when dirty.  Drilled aluminium bodies may run slightly louder than the acetal used in stock Shimano rear derailleur pulleys but will wear better in the long term.

Gevenelle CX Jockey Wheels Pair 2In keeping with Gevenalle’s dedication to serviceable over disposable components, CX Pulley Sets can be serviced by the owner and each set ships with a spare set of seals.  For the highest of high-mileage riders, additional seal kits will be offered at a nominal fee.  Gevenalle has found the CX Pulley Sets to be compatible with Shimano mountain as well as road derailleurs. UK distributor Charlie the Bikemonger plans to bring the jockey wheels into the UK before winter sets in, with pricing (~£69) to be finalised once the Pound settles somewhat.

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