Behind the Scenes: Soho Bikes TV ‘Episode 3’

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Words by Traharn Chidley
Photos by Dan Wyre Photography

Tuesday was certainly a day for the books. Rising before the sun and returning well after it set, to ride with some of Britain’s top Downhill and Enduro racers at Bike Park Wales.

Soho Bikes London
Traharn, not quite hiding her excitement

Singletrack was invited to attend and ride in the making of Soho Bikes TV ‘Episode 3’. Without giving too much away, it’ll be released in a couple of weeks (right here: on your favourite MTB website) and is certainly one to keep an eye out for. It’ll be answering a lot of questions, or at least trying to, by finally putting some of the biggest questions in MTB to the test. It’s so hard not to spill the beans, stayed tuned… it’ll be worth it.

Soho Bikes London
Peak adjust for peak cool

Soho Bikes TV has already released two videos; with the legendary mouth on legs Rob Warner as the host of the show. This episode is bound to be nothing but fun, loud, rude, cheeky, informative, insightful and all while making you feel like you’re on set having a beer with Rob and the pros. Rob’s huge experience (modelling good looks and ‘Just for Men’ beard) means and compelling input within the industry enables him to banter with his friends and top pro riders, finding out what they really think, with us eager viewers being a key player in the interview. They’re 15-20 minute long interviews, but with the relaxed and fun approach it’s over far too quickly.

When Singletrack asked me to head down to find out what they were up to, I was loading up my bike before they could tell me, it’s next week. Keen as ever and a little nervous not knowing what to expect. Thankfully everyone was so welcoming, relaxed and stoked to be there, it made it easy.

Soho Bikes London
The fun bus

We all rode the burliest and longest DH track at Bike Park Wales: ’50 Shades of Black’ – it’s certainly the roughest track I’ve ridden since I stopped racing DH two years ago. It was challenging on my 650B Bird Aeris, but I switched my rear shock travel from 140mm to 150mm and went at it. It was great fun riding with everyone and sharing sketchy moments before heading back up on the uplift.

Soho Bikes London
Loaming the roost, or something.

We struck gold with the weather, Rob Warner had never ridden a dry day at Bike Park Wales, so he and everyone else, were delighted. Once the testing results were tallied up, we all squeezed round a table in the Bike Park Wales café, while Rob interviewed us as one big group. He managed to squeeze nearly enough Kopparberg cider out of the producer for each rider and the banter began.

Soho Bikes London
Your compere for the afternoon…

We all found the results interesting and some of them, really quite surprising. It’s definitely worth watching to find out all the details. I’m just dying to tell you. Stay tuned

Soho Bikes London which was held on 03/05/2016 in the Bike Park Wales which is in the Merthyr Tydfil, Mid Glamorgan, Wales. Copyright 2016 Dan Wyre Photography, all rights reserved
Chris Porter, possibly not agreeing with Rowan Sorrell?
Thanks to Dan Wyre Photography for the images.
Thanks to Dan Wyre Photography for the images.

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