New MTB Wheel-Tyre Systems from Mavic

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Mavic has released two new Crossmax wheel-tyre systems.

The new Mavic Crossmax Pro and Crossmax Elite are two completely new XC wheel-tyre systems and will be available to purchase mid-April. The Pro is the priciest at £765, with the Elite setting you back £450 should you choose to buy. Both systems will be available in 27.5in and 29in. Interestingly, the new alloy rim design is now hookless.

Both systems feature the “Boost” compatibility and according to Mavic is perfect for fork-frame integration, or at least that’s how the yellow French company puts it.

Crossmax Pro

Crossmax pro wheel

The Pro model follows on from Mavic’s WTS built models, but with wider rims and added “Boost” compatibility.

Mavic crossmax pro

Crossmax Elite

Crossmax elite wheel

The elite is made with “high technology and simplicity” in mind. It’s a little cheaper than the Pro (well, not a little; £315 cheaper to be exact), but it has the same wide hookless 22m internal and 25mm external rim and a spoke count of 24.

crossmax elite, mavic

More info can be found here.

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    I take it a “wheel tyre system” is the same thing we call ‘wheels’ and ‘tyres’?

    I know there is an awful lot of marketing guff spouted by bike and component manufacturers – but it’s getting a little chronic…

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