Gallery: Troy Lee Designs 2016

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Troy Lee Designs sent us more images of their 2016 helmet range than there are stars in the known universe, all saved at the highest possible quality for jpegs. After staring at Photoshop actions for a while, hitting a particularly messy problem Adobe have inflicted on all their users, then searching Metafilter only to find a load of graphic designers going “Yeah, it’s stupid isn’t it? Dunno really”, we figured out what to do: Just show you the best helmet! (You can see the entire range over at the TLD website).

The D3 Blacklight totally steals the show, just look at it.

Snakes to the left…
… mountain lions to the right.

Troy Lee Designs - D3 Blacklight Carbon Black

David said: “It’s the first piece of mountain bike kit I’ve ever looked at and thought it would be wearing me, rather than me it”.

There are also some non-full face lids available too. The A1 comes with the names Drone and Reflex. Drones have fairly sensible colourways all the way down to plain black:

Whereas the Reflex schemes look like a selection of angry insects:

The D2 is a slightly less fancy full face, and we put it in here solely to make this terrible joke:

What's black and white and rad all over?
What’s black and white and rad all over?

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