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And soooooo the end is niiiiiiiigh and now I faaaaace the final curtain… or at least, it’s now Friday! Which means the weekend, which means riding, and long baths, and perhaps some leisurely cooking, and perhaps some top-quality TV (or some low-rent TV, it’s entirely up to you) and remaining under the duvet until noon…

wait, I have two small children! So, woken up at 6, swimming lessons at half eight, two (TWO) parties, fatigue, cooking something easy involving beans and/or cheese, putting the kids to bed and falling asleep on the sofa at half seven.

Kids. They’re ace. Heeeeeeeere’s Fresh Goods Friday!

Easton Haven Dropper Post

Price: £348.99
From: Silverfish

DSC_0419 (1)The lovely Raul and the more-or-less lovely Pete from Silverfish stopped by to install the Haven dropper last week, – and to drink coffee, natch. The seatpost is an air-charged number which uses static seals and lower pressures than many of the competitors, so hopefully heading off a number of reliability issues.

DSC_0420 (1)The remote is cable activated, but there’s a quick connector which means that removing the post should be easier than with other models too. Action as it stands is light, activation is smooth, and everyone is doubtless looking forward to seeing how I’ll end this sentence without any innuendo at all.


Leatt DBX Mountain Lite 2.0 Hydration Pack

Price: £79.99
From: Hotlines


Well, this IS an enduro-looking pack. So much so that when shooting it I thought the phrase ‘none more enduro’. Which led me inexorably to…

Enduro Nuns.

I’ll say that again:


They should totally be a thing. Are they a thing? I need to approach some convents to see. Enduro nuns.


Anyhow. This backpack is slim, and lightweight, and it has a flexible (yet sturdy, one presumes) back protector, and lots of enduroesque colours. Lovingly ensconced within is a 2l bladder and space for a litre of luggage. Looks good, Leatt. Looks good. Of course, it’d look even better strapped to the back of an ENDURO NUN.


Leatt Air-Flex Pro Kneeguard

Price: £64.99
From: Hotlines

DSC_0429 (1)

Kneepads, you see. The main bit is curved, peforated and flexible; the difference between these and the non-‘pro’ guards is the extra padding around the top and sides. Still light, though; the idea is that they’re light enough to wear at all times; even for longer XC-flavoured rides.

…or for Enduro Nuns… (the Sisters who Shred).

Suntour Durolux R2C2 27.5 fork

Price: £549
From: Moore Large

DSC_0422 (1)Suntour’s latest fork, which aims to offer the sort of levels of adjustment only found on much more expensive forks. The R2C2 damper offers compression and rebound adjustment, and this one has 160mm of travel. DSC_0424 (1)Another notable thing about the Durolux is the 20mm through axle. Suntour’s axle offers installation and removal without any annoying unscrewing or anything like that, once you’ve got the hang of it.

Dakine Low Rider 5L 16s

Price: €65
From: Dakine

DSC_0427A Dakine pack which would no doubt be referred to by our Friends Across The Pond as a fanny pack. We, of course, get to know it by the much more sensible bum bag. It’s big enough to fit a 2l hydration pack into (included). There’s a fleece-lined phone pocket (in case your phone gets cold), breatheable air mesh (in case you run out of oxygen) and a Phaser bite valve, a thing for which I frankly can’t find the puns. Set Phasers to pun? Sorry.

Cycliq Fly 6 rear light and camera

Price: £99.99
From: Cycliq

DSC_0426 (1)A rear light which also contains a 720p HD camera which can record on a loop. So handy if you’re in traffic, sure, but we’re wondering if it also might serve to record some general riding video, of the PowerNuns* on your tail.

* Get Into The Habit

Showers Pass Men’s Liner Cycling Shorts

Price: £34
From: Showers Pass UK

DSC_0434 (1)

A set of undercrackers from the fine people at Showers Pass, who make some rather nifty apparel. Flat locked seams and a decent chamois. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WEAR WITHOUT SHORTS. Speaking of which…

Showers Pass Gravel Shorts

Price: £65
From: Showers Pass UK

DSC_0436 (1)Somewhat shorter than the average short – they come to just above the knee. Adjustability at the waist, stretch articulation, reflective bits and DWR. They’re too small for Rich (who’d need a Large) so he’s pretending.

Showers Pass Men’s Short Sleeved Body Mapped Base Layer

Price: £35
From: Showers Pass UK

DSC_0437 (1)Clingy short-sleeved top to show off Rich’s pecs to perfection. Or at least it would if he had any (ooooooh, saucer of milk to table one) Merino, spandex, modal and coolmax.

Shimano XT Rotors 180mm

Price £39.99
From: MadisonDSC_0433 (1)Rotors for to make with the fast stopping, yes? These ones have ICE technology, which means there’s a sandwich of metals for better heat dispersal. James needs them so he can stop.

DT Swiss E 1700 Spline Two 29 Wheelset

Price: £499 the pair
From: Madison

DSC_0439 (1)Enduro – flavoured wheelset, which essentially means an internal rim width of 25mm (external 30mm), set up for tubeless, and laced to hubs with DT’s excellent ratchet freewheel system.

DSC_0440 (1)Straight pull spokes, too. And we like the lachined finish on the hubs. Very classy.

Park Tools – er – Tools

Price: MT10: £19.99, MT 20: £29.99, MT 30: £34.99, MT 40: £49.99
DSC_0432 (1)A variety of handy little multi-tools in ascending prices with an ever-expanding arrange of features. We expect that the MT-1000 flies behind you on little drone helicopter rotors, swooping down occasionally to clear debris, or to mend your punctures while you’re still riding. Actually, that would be awesome.

Lego First Order Special Forces Tie Fighter

Price: £59.99
From: Lego

IMG_2769Provided Hannah’s youngest does well in his spelling and writing tasks, this little puppy will be his! Although most of the people in the office are secretly hoping he doesn’t, so we can play with it. I mean look at it! It’s almost as cool as Enduro Nuns!

Lazer Magneto M2 Eyewear

Price: £119.99

And here’s our Mark talking about the Lazer Magneto M2 Sunglasses. They are cleverer than you think.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”650″ height=”400″ onlyvideo=”0″]

Can’t see the video? Click here

And lastly? Well, it wouldn’t be a Capstan Full Strength Fresh Goods without a video. I’ve been listening to a lot of Depeche Mode recently – for reasons which may become clear if you read issue 105. Or they may not.

But anyway.

This is ace (but beware the remastered version, which IMO is rubbish):


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