2017 Product Highlights from the Todays Cyclist Show

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Last week we popped in to see Moore Large and its ‘TodaysCyclist‘ house show. It was keen to show off new brands Polygon, Oneal and Azonic, so expect to see some bikes and bits floating around on test soon.

On with the show!


Polygon is known best for its World Cup downhill team, but it also makes a large range of bikes from affordable hardtails through some nice suspension trail bikes up to the top of the show £1850 downhill bike here.

moore large, todayscyclist, polygon,
Lovely lines on this, the top end Colossus model
moore large, todayscyclist, polygon,
Or, for the price of that frame, you can have a pretty well-sorted trail bike
moore large, todayscyclist, polygon,
This is the (also) Colossus N9 Enduro bike. 150mm of travel. Blue, black and orange
moore large, polygon, todays cyclist,
Here’s the Colossus N9 in its orange glory
todays cyclist, moore large,
Need socks? Made by one of the ex-founders of Defeet apparently
todays cyclist, moore large, kenda
Kenda Havok Pro – in 2.8in or 3in. Looks nicely knobby for a plus tyre. £39 apparently, so not crazy money


Another new brand for Moore Large, Azonic was so new that there was barely more than this very bright collection of products on display, but there’s a load more coming in, like these slim pedals.

todayscyclist, moore large
Skinny AND fluoro? Just like our cycle commuters here at Singletrack then
todayscyclist, moore large, azonic
Go on, who’s got the whole matching set of yellow Azonic gear? Own up…
todayscyclist, moore large, azonic
They’ll be able to see you when you fall off at least
todayscyclist, moore large
New in from Germany, these very cool, printed mud flaps
Forme is Moore Large’s own bike brand and this looks pretty sweet.

Lake Shoes

Lake Shoes has been around for years and quietly makes a lot of great shoes – from skinny triathlon road shoes to full-on winter boots.

todayscyclist, moore large, lake shoes
A low top trail/race shoe from Lake. Great to see some subtle black for those shy riders among us
todayscyclist, moore large, lake shoes
These! The MX180 is a new, dare we say ‘enduro race’ shoe? And it looks fantastic in our eyes
todayscyclist, moore large, lake shoes
Probably pitched as a spinning shoe, but we can see these for commuters and easy trail riders too
todayscyclist, moore large, lake shoes
Before you get too excited, these SPD high-tops aren’t going to be brought in. Unless you make a big fuss, that is.
todayscyclist, moore large, lake shoes
Not as wintery as they suggest, but a great Autumn/Spring commuting/training boot from Lake
todayscyclist, moore large, lake shoes
Winter boot royalty. The Lake 303 is loved by cold-footed riders and snowy adventurers

And here ends our lightning tour. Expect to see more of these products close up as we get them in to review.

For more details, see todayscyclist.co.uk


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    Who makes those printed mudguards? They look ace.

    I spotted “Rie Sel Design” on the side of those mud guards, a google then found them here 🙂 http://www.riesel-design.com

    Schlamm belgian for mud:)

    Thanks guys. Think I might have to place an order.

    Can you be an ex-founder?

    Those Polygons look horrendous.

    I’m liking lots the look of those Lake MX180 boots. A worthy successor to my Specialized Trail 120 and about time too as mine are definitely on their last legs.

    Any idea of when they’re going to be available?

    Nice to see Kenda releasing what looks like a plus sized Karma or damn close to it!

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