Video: The (6 year old) Boys Are Back In Town

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Singletrack correspondent James Cornford writes:

The talent of young riders is going through the roof at the moment, and twins Jake and Theo from New Zealand are a perfect example of this. At just six years old, they have already been out riding a lot of us for a couple of years!

The signs were there from the beginning, when they started bunny hopping, jumping, dropping into bowls and pulling 180’s on their Specialized Hotwalks. The two of them have come a long way during their riding career, which is saying something considering how young they are. They stalled for a little while once they had to add pedals to their bikes, but after some experimenting to find a small enough bike that met their needs, there was no stopping them.

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For further inspiration and to be truly put to shame, check out their adventures on Instagram.

Jake and Theo - just six years old

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  1. That merits the use of the word “Awesome”

  2. They are amazing. Though as a father, I winced at some of the crashes!

  3. They were showing me up at 4! Very impressive little rippers. I would prefer less crashes in the next video though as watching them hit their lines is great.

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