SRAM Introduce New Level Brakes

by David Hayward 1

… that’s not an adjective in this case; Level is the model name.

SRAM send us news that they’re releasing a new range of XC-oriented brakes, all named Level. They range from the basic model at £53 per end, to the Level Ultimate at £249, which has all kinds of bling such as a carbon lever running on bearings, and titanium fixings. Those prices include rotors, and availability is this March. Between the basic Level and the Ultimate, there’s a whole range that you can read more about on the SRAM website.

The levers are ambidextrous, the adjusters are hidden away from grime, and all except the entry level Level are Matchmaker X compatible. Details on it are scant, but their new trademarked “BLEEDING EDGE™” system apparently makes bleeding them easier than ever, due to a new fluid path, porting and a dedicated bleed adapter. Always nice to have a faffy job made easier.

See below for images, and a few riding photos, because why not?






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  1. Looks interesting. Personally, I am waiting for their Next Level Brakes. 😀

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