Fat Tyre Revolution: A Coed Y Brenin Celebration

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There’s a new event in the offing. To celebrate 20 years (20 years!) since the original Red Bull Trail opened in Coed Y Brenin in North Wales.

Organised by Sian and Dafydd Roberts, who used to run the original cafe there (as well as being top racers themselves) there will be three days of racing aimed at old timers – and newcomers too. There will be something for retro-riders and enduro dudes (and dudettes) to enjoy – all on the purpose-built trails of the forest, and using some forgotten trails from yesteryear AND some new secret trails that are being built at the moment.

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This dog wants you

Friday 16th September

Time Trial

Held on the original Red Bull Trail time trial course, this will be an invitational event. Everyone who took part in the original launch event in 1996 will be invited back and a few others too…

Can anyone beat the incredible time set by Barrie Clarke – 31:53?

fattyrerevolution, coed y brenin, enduro,
Get to ride trails like this, flat out.


​Saturday 17th September

“Gravity XC”

A race on an extended version of the Red Bull Route, bringing three disciplines of the sport back together to race in one event.

An 11k loop can be ridden as:

Three stage gravity event
XC Time Trial
Three stage Hill Climb

You enter the event in the discipline you prefer. The lap will be the same for all three disciplines.

Riders will be set off from the start at time intervals – TT’ers and HC’ers set off first followed by the Gravity riders.

All riders can ride two laps of the course, so if you mess up/puncture/crash on a stage during your first lap you can have another go… but it’s not compulsory! If you’re happy with your first lap you don’t have to do a second.

You can enter the event on any bike you like – but to qualify for the ‘Retro’ category the bike must be pre-1996.

Prizes will be awarded –

Senior | Over 40 | Over 50 | Over 60 | Retro Male+Female
In Gravity | XC | HC

As you will all ride the same lap you will all be given a final position in all three disciplines and an Overall Champion will also be decided by a point system.

Entry fee is £50 – and includes a race T-shirt
Entries open 1 March (limited to 350 due to racers setting off at timed intervals)

‘Modern’ enduro bikes are welcome, but so are pre-1996 retro bikes
coed y brenin, fattyrerevolution, retro, enduro, racing
Coed- Y- Brenin Red Bull trail centre, North Wales. Pic copyright Steve Behr / Stockfile

Sunday 18th September

Retro XC (ride any mtb – it’s the course that’s ‘retro’ not the bike)

Some of the old forgotten bits of Coed Y Brenin mixed in with some of the new stuff to make an ‘old fashioned’ XC race route, with some retro features thrown in – river crossings and ‘hike a bike’ sections…

​Perfect for all those retro bikes out there but just as much fun on any bike.

Basically a ride around the forest with your mates through some forgotten bits with some prizes thrown in for those who want to race it. A nice ‘recovery’ ride after the Party.

Prizes will be awarded –

Senior | Over 40 | Over 50 | Over 60 | Retro Male+Female

£25 – entries open 1 March

Look at www.fattyrerevolution.co.uk for more info.

The race will be based over at the ‘old side’ – now more of a ghost town
coed y brenin, fattyrerevolution, retro, enduro, racing
There will be dog hecklers
coed y brenin, fattyrerevolution, retro, enduro, racing
Vests will probably be compulsory, right Dafydd?
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    This makes me want to put my fearsome 91 Carrera Krakatoa back into service. Anyone got a flexstem and some smokes and darts? And some rose tinted oakleys?

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