Diamonds from the Core 2016 – Part 2

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More pure, unadulterated bike-related oxytocin from Core Bike 2016.

e*thirteen cassette

e-Thirteen cassette

This is an hop-up cassette, with an impressive 9-tooth smallest sprocket. It runs on your existing XD driver. It’s quite clever – the largest 3 sprockets lock onto the freehub body, and the remaining ones lock onto that.

e-Thirteen cassette
This bit locks onto the aluminium sprockets behind it

It comes in 2 parts – the larget 3 sprockets are aluminium, and the rest are steel, so you can get a replacement section rather than buying a whole cassette when something wears out. It’s available in both 10 (9-42t) and 11(9-44t) speed, for £209 and £229 respectively.

DVO Topaz


Oh, we love the look of the DVO Topaz air shock. 3 speed compression, adjustable rebound, very little stiction thanks to a cunning air bladder, and a scant weight of 330g – not bad for a piggyback. It’ll cost you £399.

Easton ARC/Heist


Heist wheels by Easton are also accompanied by ARC rims (they’re the same rims as the ones on the Heist wheels). A huge range of widths on the rims – 24, 27, 30, 35, 40 and 45mm internal widths. Crikey. The wheels will be available in 24, 27, 30 and 40mm widths.

Turner RFX


This is Silverfish’s Thomas’ new bike. 160mm travel, hewn from purest carbonium, and huge head and toptubes for stiffness. We love the sidewall tyres, but apparently reactions have been mixed. What do you reckon?

Details on the above available from Silverfish

Orange Sealant

DSC_0839Quite nifty stuff – the Orange sealant never dries out – so you can check on sealant levels by using a little dipstick rathe than inspecting the inside of your tyres. The chaps at Orange Seal were on hand with videos of quite startlingly large holes the stuff has patched up. We’ve got some in to test, so watch this space.

Details from Extra

Ibis Ripley LS

DSC_0850Ripley now has a choice of front triangles, the regular and the LS. The LS is a bit longer and slacker (think more ‘trail’ and less ‘xc’ than the non LS Ripley (which is also available – it’s just a front end swop after all).. 68 degree head angle, 130mm fork, internal routing, it’s stiffer and more boosted than the old one. More info? Click here

POC TectalDSC_0857

Somehow we missed this colour Tectal helmet at Eurobike – we hope this is a guys colour too! More info from 2pure.


Great looking MT500 backpacks (£99.99 or £119.99 with bladder) from Endura. 15 litres capacity…DSC_0873…with an integrated back protector made of the same straw-type stuff (koroyd) as Smith helmets, fact fans – so it’s light and breatheable. You can buy it separately for their smaller SingleTrack backpacks too, which have a 10l capacity and cost £59.99 or £79.99 with bladder. More details from Endura.

Comments (10)

    The gum walls look better when many with mud…

    noooh they are pig ugly

    That Turner looks like it fell out of the ugly (rubber) tree and bounced off every branch on the way down

    The gumwalls do that turner no favours. Don’t get me wrong I love the RFX having got one myself. Change the tyres quick !!

    The tyres certainly divide opinions. I do also have plain black tyres which I may try, but I really like the skins.

    Looks wise, it’s how full sus bikes looked until the modern swath of swoopy carbon. Personally I prefer the utilitarian and ‘muscular/butch’ designs with straight tubes which this addresses nicely.

    I’m with you, Tom. I think it looks good in a retro-stylee. How is it now you’ve actually ridden it? 😉

    Any news on the weight of the 27.5 Arc 45mm wide rim?

    I much prefer the looks of the Turner to the exaggerated hockey stick curves of some full sussers. Sidewalls could go though. Shame the background is a bit busy in that photo.

    @Rik, not sure yet but I’ll weigh one and post it here tomorrow hopefully. Basically it’ll be around what you expect a 45mm rim to weigh.

    @Barney, It rides amazingly…in my dreams. Maybe i’ll find out before the month is out.

    @Roger….I agree about the frame and starting to become curious about the sidewall colour now.

    Awesome thanks bikedibley – do you know when they are available?

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