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Hope have long had a reputation both in the UK and further afield for pretty durable kit. UK trails resound to the distinctive buzz of Hope freewheels, which is as distinctive and as all pervading in some parts of the countryside as birdsong.


Hope are now making a fuss about their spanking new Pro 4 hubs, which are a direct development from their celebrated Pro 2 EVOs, and they’re released a video to boot:

The new hubs are blessed with some spangly improvements over the older hubs, too. They use a 44 tooth ratchet for 10% faster engagement over the EVO, and an increase in flange diameter means shorter spoke,s and a stiffer build for today’s larger wheel sizes. You can get rear hubs in all the flavours; 135mm QR, 142mm, Boost and 150mm sizes, if you’re that way inclined. Front hubs will suit a load of fitment options, too. Naturally, they’re machined from T6 aluminium Billet by some frankly alarming looking machines, and they now have freehub bodies compatible with 11 speed Shimano cassettes. According to Rachael Walker at Hope, while Shimano MTB 11 speed cassettes fit onto 10 speed freehubs, their road ones need a longer freehub. So Hope has fitted the longer freehub to all rear hubs, futureproof them against any changes by Shimano. Nice thinking.

A small, but frankly terrifying-looking machine, yesterday

Here’s a quick rundown of some of their other features, courtesy of Hope:

  • Aluminium or steel freehub body options
  • Available in 24, 28, 32 and 36 hole drillings
  • Conversions available for QR, 10mm bolt in, 10mm, 12mm and 142x12mm thru axles
  • Supplied with freehubs to suit 10/11spd Shimano or Sram XD cassette
  • Colour Black, Silver, Red, Blue, Purple and Orange
  • Weight: QR – 311g, 142mm – 300g, XD

For more details, take a look at Hope’s website.


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    Nice. You can tell they really care.

    Great Stuff….always love to see inside the Hope Factory…precision engineering at its best!

    Totally trustworth engineering and the go-to component for people that prefer to ride and not fix things. My only disappointment was why do they have to push the bike up hill?

    Nice, loving the new black, er, orange….

    Hope video – best thing on telly all Christmas

    That is dead good. Such great engineering…why did no one tell me I could do this at school?

    will the freehub body still be made out of cheese?

    Got a tube of Mobil grease, more interested in what grease gun that is?

    Jekkyl – “Aluminium or steel freehub body options”

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