Strathpuffer Results

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Team JMC - Jon Entwistle - Strathpuffer 2016
Jon Entwistle – Team JMC

The Strathpuffer took place this past weekend; for those who don’t know it’s a 24-hour race held near Strathpeffer in Scotland, usually in freezing or muddy conditions (this photo is an accurate depiction). This year, it was a muddy one.

Solo 1st (Men): Keith Forsyth, i-Cycles
Solo 1st (Women): Naomi Freireich – Team me
Pairs 1st (Men): Angus Bike Chain
Pairs 1st (Women): Pedal Power RT
Pairs Mixed 1st: NIER
Quads 1st (Men): Shibden CC D
Quads 1st (Women): Birds of Prey
Quads Mixed 1st: Team ManBall Racing

Bobble hats off to everyone who raced.

Friend of Singletrack Jason Miles took a year off Strathpuffer this time round, but his fellow Team JMC rider Jon Entwistle raced as half of a pair with his friend Mike, and they got onto the podium in third place. Guy Martin came 35th in the solo category, but he did also spent the three days immediately before Strathpuffer riding his bike up there from Lincolnshire! We don’t know if he rode back, but he did grab a few hours sleep mid race. A photo of him here via Twitter, and full results over at Lapped.

(Photo above courtesy of Team JMC. The BBC also have a fantastic gallery here).

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