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Hello there, Fresh Goodsers (that’s a terrible nickname. Henceforth I shall call you Freshies)! We have a veritable helmetfest today, as we’re gearing up for a grouptest on trail helmets! A helmetric tonne of them, if you will? Knocking them out of the park, I am.

But there’s loads of other stuff down there too, if you care to peruse the page. Consult the helmetatron, if you wish (arf). Wouldn’t the helmetatron actually be Adramelech? Never mind. Bad/impenetrable puns on helmets aside, here’s the latest Fresh Goods Friday! Wooop!

JRA i35 27.5 Wheelset

Price: £320

From: Just Riding Along

DSC_0369In for a grouptest! JRA’s own brand Bitex hubs, laced into some nice fat WTB i35 (so 35mm wide, then) rims. And finished off with some subtle understated pink graphics.  DSC_0367The rear wheel has sealed stainless bearings, and a 6 pawl engagement with 54 point pickup. And did we mention the pink? No? There might be a little bit of pink in there too. Somewhere. Pink.

Lazer Revolution Helmet

Price: £99.99

From: MadisonDSC_0356Doesn’t look all that revolutionary, does it? Thankfully. A bit more fitted around the ears, perhaps. Its good looks cast James’ petulant expression into sharp relief. But never fear! Turnfit system, a moto-inspired peak, bits and bobs that let you attach all sorts of camera trickery to the top, and….DSC_0359optional ear protectors! Which look rather like you’ve just stepped out of an X-Wing in my opinion. At some point soon Lazer will also be making a chin-guard for it which screws into place.

Met Lupo

Price: £99.99

From: MetDSC_0355Barney looks suspiciously like he’s trying to blend into the background plantage in the Met Lupo all-mountain/gnar/trail helmet from Met.Safe T Advance retention system, adjustable airflow through the visor, room for glasses or goggles, and it’s available in 5 colours! Barney is clearly hoping that with this one no-one will see him through the plant, and he’ll aviod having to make everyone coffee. He’s clearly not thought all that hard about the fact that he’s wearing orange. Or maybe that’s for the plant pot. Cunning, Barney. Cunning.

7iDP M2 Helmet

Price: £59.99

From: DecadeDSC_0348Another of Barney’s suspicious faces. Conehead technology (in the helmet, not in Barney – although sometimes…) means dual density foam for more safetitude, nice easy adjustment, and what is apparently neon red with neon blue colourscheme. It certainly stands out (and clashes with the Barney’s orange hoodie).

Bluegrass Golden Eyes Helmet

Price: £99.99

From: Met

DSC_0352Barney models the BlueGrass Golden Eyes helmet in a pensive style. Perhaps he’s deciding that he’s done with all this suspicion and he needs to turn over a new leaf. Unlikely, we admit. The Golden Eyes has loads of vents, a huge adjustable visor, a gel sweatpad. And as an indicator of just how HUGE Barney’s head is (or how teeny tiny Hannah’s is), here’s Hannah wearing the same lid:DSC_0351…just for comedy’s sake. Sorry, Hannah.

Bell Super 2

Price: £99.99

From: ZyroDSC_0381Clearly that non-suspicion thing didn’t pan out; Barney here perfects the Sour Faced Prune. He looks like someone’s about to do something unusual with the cucumber they’re wielding. And he’s not about to let them, NOT AFTER LAST TIME. Anyhow, the Bell Super 2 is the non-chinguard compativle cousing of the Super 2R. They look almost identical. This one has MIPS, that happy internal rotational brain awesomeness, and a removable GoPro mount.


Here’s the same helmet, wrapping the same head, which this time is attempting the sort of look only usually seen in ’60s b-movie posters.

O’Neal Orbiter 2 Helmet

Price: £61.99

From: O’NealDSC_0386More cone head technology, encasing a head that clearly needs as much help as it can get. Lots of venting for the old overheating branesell. Seriously, that ‘s what happens if you ask someone to smile, and then get them to hang on with the same expression for a few minutes. All that’s genuine drips out of their face, and you’re left with the grimace of a simpleton.

Fabric Grips

Price: XL, £19.99, Silicone, £14.99, Slim, £19.99

From: FabricDSC_0384What’s this? Grips from Fabric? Why, yes! Not grips from actual fabric, but grips from Fabric? You see? The ones at the back are the XLs – extra long for extra wide bars. The blue ones are silicone, and are ergonomically shaped for comfort (it says here), and the slim ones are – er – slim. They’re the lightest lockons available (again, it says here). Looking tidy there, Fabric people, looking tidy.


Price: £59.99

From: AirshotDSC_0383

Well, it’s a cannister with some tubes attached to it, to help inflate and seat tubeless tyres. See that valve at the top of the cannister? Attach your pump there, make with the pumpy pumpy, attach the tube to your tubeless tyres, flick the valve and VAWHOOSH! Inflatable awesome.

Dr Zak’s Powdered Peanut Butter

Price: £4.49

From: Dr Zaks

DSC_0360What manner of fresh hell is this? Essentially you take regular peanut butter, de-fat it (using a cold-press it appears), and powder it. Yup, Hannah looks suspicious. She was thinking of injecting it neat for a pure peanut hit, apparently*. But if you mix it 50/50 with water apparently it’s a very palatable smooth peanut butter/paste with 45% protein content. We will be giving it a try, just for you. But how? Cocktail ingredient? Stirred into porridge? A couple of lines on the pub loo cistern?


**OR ANYWHERE ELSEDSC_0361See? 80% less fat. Zoinks.DSC_0362“Foods you LOVE back on the menu”

The WeatherNeck

Price: $20ish (Kickstarter HAS LAUNCHED!)


DSC_0371It’s a sort of bandana thingy, which is removable thanks to magnets (which won’t wear out for 400 years, apparently. Chipps is determined to test this out). Breathable at the front, brightly coloured and easily removeable. Sounds like a winner! YOU CAN DECIDE….

7Mesh Revelation Goretex Short (Mens)

Price: £ TBC

From: 7Mesh

DSC_0372Waterproof overshorts. Good long cut, and…DSC_0373Chamfered leg for fit. Aces. MB – the wearing of jeans underneath is possible, but not necessarily condoned by Singletrack Management

7Mesh Outflow Thermal Jacket (Mens)

Price: £ TBC

From: 7Mesh

DSC_0374A thermal top for working in freezing environments such as the bit where all the bikes are. It’s positively frosty down there.

7Mesh Callaghan Thermal Hoody Mens

Price: TBC

From: 7Mesh

DSC_0375It’s a thermal hoody. It’s black. And it’s named after Dirty Harry. What more do you need to know?

Mavic Crossride LS Hoodie

Price: £53

From: Mavic (available soon)


Hannah has clearly seen the jar of powdered peanut stuff on the shelf over there <<…. Nice warm, rideable in, thin but insulating and eversoslightly slinky material in this top though. Hannah and it are now completely inseparable.

Mavic CrossMax Hydropack 25L

Price: £110

From: Mavic (available soon)
DSC_0379Backpack. 25 litre capacity. Enduro-capable. Easy access. Built-in hydration reservoir. Bright colours. Looks comfy. Available soon (but not just yet…)

DSC_0380And it even came with a foil safety blanket. Nice.

Mavic Crossride Belt

Price: £45

From: Mavic (available soon)

DSC_0378The opposite of the CrossMax Hydropack, really – this one is for keeping things minimal. A small lumbar-pack with enough room for a few tools, keys, phone and that all important water bottle.

Lindarets Goatlink 11

Price: £16


DSC_0365A way of smoothing out the shifting if you’re running 11sp Shimano rear mechs with a SRAM 10-42 cassette. Shifting is OK without it, but this apparently makes it BETTER.

ITUO WIZ20 light

Price: £94 tbc

From: Brightbikelights.comDSC_0370

A light with (pardon the pun) bright hopes for the future. You can programme the cycle pattern – the three main light levels and a flashy jobs can be pre-selected from a choice of ten main and four flashy jobs. And the brightest levels is 1,500 lumens – which is plenty bright enough for a spot of proper offroading.

And once again, we’ve come to the end. Sad, I know. At least it’s nearly the weekend, time to put your feet up and think about riding – and actually, if it’s frosty, it might not be the slogfest it’s been the past few months. So what are you waiting for?? Have a good one!

ST out.

Barney Marsh

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