Garage Bikes crew in “cash for causes” shocker

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In early December, our regular Tuesday Treats feature revisited Garage Bikes, a frequent and popular fixture on the ‘treats’ roster.

Keen brained readers might remember that Garage Bikes were doing great things for a great cause too. Well, Al Shaw’s back with an update on what happened with Al and the crew’s fund raising endeavours…

Reservoir spanner spinners (all photos by Joolze Dymond)

St Gemma’s Hospice provide really wonderful care and help for folk at a time when they need it the most. We raised money for them and we will continue to for the foreseeable future. On Saturday 5 December, we gathered our crew and friends together, and firstly we donated our labour at the shop to St Gemma’s.

Then the unfortunate and very hirsute Tim Kershaw had his legs waxed. Tim is a stalwart, familiar face on the Northern CX scene, and was renowned for his particularly hairy pins which were like a particularly furry tree in a forest of shaven oaken calves. Here’s the proof:

Tim Kershaw
Legs like a pair of long, thin gooseberries, only pink. [what? – Ed]. This is before.
Tim waxing
James ‘Al’ Bond satffing the engine room
During two
and… Tim in post wax ‘tattooing’ mode
There’s still time to donate to make Tim’s suffering worthwhile – just click here

The day was a whole lot of fun. The highlight of mine was dealing with a rear wheel puncture on a full suspension folding e-bike – wearing a suit. Yes, really. A full suspension folding e-bike.

As things stand at present:

  • Funds raised from Tim’s leg waxing are at: £800+
  • Funds raised by the shop are at: £220+
  • Sales of the ‘Cancer Sucks’ Sock Guy socks are currently at: £450+

St Gemma’s Hospice say that’s enough cash to provide care for one person for two days.

If you want to keep an eye on how much we raise over the coming months and years keep an eye out here: All donations welcome and appreciated.


Thanks for reading. Al, Sarah and all the Garage Bikes crew.

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