Midweek Mini Movies 237

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Pivot sent us their new cut of Spencer Green, shot at 480FPS for never-ending stoke. Or sssssstooooooooooke as it’s known to filmmakers.


Jeremy McGhee feels claustrophobia as a result of his paralysis, but mountain biking gives him the moments where he doesn’t.

We reported the other day on the UK premiere of Cam Zink biopic Reach For The Sky. Somewhat related, Red Bull recently put up this highlight reel showing the best tricks from 2001 – 2014. Complete with guitars, as is tradition.

What happens when you send a Red Bull Rampage veteran off to do some back country exploration? ZAM found out with Richard Gasperotti in New Mexico:

Also, this is the best footage we’ve seen from the 2015 Red Bull Hardline, but no embeds allowed!

Just because the DH World Cup is over for the year, that doesn’t mean we have to go without track commentaries from Claudio. Here he is on the Foxhunt track:

Seth takes you through the things BMX taught him about MTB:

This crash reel from unReal is as surreal as the film itself. When it looks big through a 170º lens, it’s very big indeed…


and Tom van Steenbergen’s POV front flip is worth watching for his bleeped-out jubilation alone.



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