Fresh Goods Friday 263

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So, this is how it works here. Apparently having a broken leg is the automatic Singletrack qualifier for having to write the weekly intro to Fresh Goods Friday. Apparently this somehow magically makes one literate and creative enough to come up with some kind of entertaining introduction. I’m more inclined to say its the industrial strength Codeine pain killers that currently seem to enable me to float above the desk in a kind of addled melancholy that are helping me knock out this weeks completely meaningless ramble. Is this really what it has come to now? 15 years of publishing and we turn to the sick and the drugged to produce our editorial content? Apparently everyone else is too busy walking on their legs to string some words together, so it’s been left to me. I’m not happy. It’s disturbing my House M.D binge watching session. I find myself empathising with the lead character in everything from the regular ingestion of narcotic painkillers to attitudes to other human beings around me. I could of course just be feeling sorry for myself since I can’t ride a bike for 6 weeks. So just how is introducing this week’s selection of bikes and bits that have arrived in the office meant to make me feel better, eh? I mean come on! It’s not right. It’s not fair and you can all go and f… [We’ll just leave it there shall we Mark? Have another blue pill and go and lie down – Ed] 

GT Sensor Carbon Expert 2015

gt carbon 2016 sensor
Stealthy looking. Loads of room in that triangle for a shoulder padded bag or something.
gt carbon 2016 sensor
Pivot points a plenty
gt carbon 2016 sensor
But what’s kind of interesting is that for all the linkages, what we have here is basically a single pivot system.
gt carbon 2016 sensor
All mod-cons.. Dropper post and robust yet simple SLX stopers
gt carbon 2016 sensor
No really… It’s a single pivot! See that seat stay? Follow it down to the other end…

Price: £2999.99 From  GT Bikes

Scott Dryo women’s waterproof shorts

scott dryo shorts 2015 fresh goods friday
Is that shirt tucked in? Good grief! What decade is it? And just how come it’s ok for women to show their knees but blokes have to cover up? eh? eh?

Price: £79  From:Scott Sports

Madison Alpine FR Shorts

See? No knees!

Price: £54.99  FromMadison

Gore Oxygen Partial WINDSTOPPER Thermal Bibtights

These are men’s tights, but Hannah was the only one in the office small enough to fit into the pair we have!


Price: £139.99 From: Gore

Gore Power Trail GT AS Jacket

Richard has once again been distracted from his modelling duties by beer. The label does match his jacket though.


Price: £199.99 From: Gore

Gore Power Trail Jersey L/S

I.. er.. Well Jamie is…er.. Never mind, I have absolutely no idea what to caption this with.

Price: £59.99  FromGore

Gore Power Trail Gloves

Breathable and well armoured gloves for all round trail ride duties. We have a glove test coming up in a few issues that will feature many more like this.


Price: £34.99 From: Gore

Gore Power Trail GT AS Shorts

Winter is coming and the trails are getting wetter. Time to gear up with shorts that can take a splash or two before you get too soggy.


Awesome box there Jamie lad. Remember the doc said don’t scratch it Jamie or you’ll just make it spread.

Price: £129.99  FromGore

Gore Element WINDSTOPPER AS Vest (Women’s)


Hannah wields the hammer in the Singletrack office both metaphorically and literally. It really is a good idea to keep on her good side, which in the pic would be behind her.

Price: £79.99 From: Gore

Gore Power Trail GTAS WINSTOPPER Jacket

Look! More kit from Gore.

Chipps testing the ‘pudding zips’

Price: £199.99 FromGore

Gore Power Trail Shorts+


Price: £129.99  FromGore

Gore Element Lady WINDSTOPPER SO Hoody

Hooded jackets polarise opinion here in the office. As for mine? It’s whatever Hannah says it is..

All the scary people wear their glasses outside their hoods. It’s a sign you know. Don’t mess.

Price: £129.99  FromGore

POC Trail Shorts


In case the guy behind you doesn’t know what you are wearing POC have included a handy description right on the arse cheek. Scotchlite highlights we like.

Men’s Boron Blue Price: £80: From POC


POC have new owners now BTW. Find out who just laid out $65 million for them here

Berkelium Green – Women’s Price: £80 From: POC

Intrepid Apparel – DH Recon Shorts


We are not sure what is going on here. Do both those arms belong to Jamie or is he being arrested?


That’s a mighty fine reinforced backside you have there. Tough shorts that are currently on sale.

Price: £69 (currently £35 we are informed) From Intrepid Apparel

Repack Baselayers

Best, confused, victorian boxer pose from Jamie. THE CAMERA IS OVER HERE!
He’s actually asleep you know. This is how he recharges.

Long sleeved £35  Short sleeved £30 From: Repack

HT T1 clipless pedals

In for a future grouptest, HT T1 clipless pedals.


Extruded aluminium body and designed and ridden by Aaron Gwin no less. We look forward to testing these out along with a bunch of other pedals in a forthcoming grouptest.

Price: £99.99 FromIson

Continental Der Baron 27.5 Tyres & Revo Sealant


Tyre Price: £59.99  Sealant: £8.99 – £26.99 depending on bottle size. From: Continental

Dosun LR260 Rear Light


A natty little USB chargeable rear light with 180 degree visibility to make you really standout. Quick rubbery attachment means you can move it between bikes super quick. Not glamorous but we all need one.

Price: £24.95  FromBright Bike

Starry Light RX02 Dual Beam Angle Front Light


IMG_8990 IMG_8989

A tiny but powerful light with highbeam and low beam settings and lots of options including a remote handlebar control panel. A lot of light tech in a small package for not a great amount of cash. Colour us intrigued.

Price: £54.00  From: Bright Bike

Shimano XT Brakeset


For years these have been our standard, preferred brake on all our test bikes and personal bikes. You even loved the whole XT groupset enough to give it a reader Award this year. 

Price: £89.99  FromMadison

Dr Zak’s Peanut Butter

Yes, this week a package arrived full of technical peanut butter. It really did.


‘Next generation peanut butter – if you thought protein supplementation only involved off tasting shakes and bars you could break your teeth on, it’s time to think again… Free from palm oil, made with partially-hydrolysed whey protein isolate, which means it’s easier and faster for your body to absorb the 36g of protein each 100g of the nut butter contains.’ But smooth only. No chunky! Who eats smooth peanut butter? I’m mean who? No one.. That’s who?

Price: £6.99 for 450g jar and selected health stores and gyms.

And all that remains is to leave you with one peanut butter related fun fact. In the kids TV program of the 70’s Skippy the Bush Kangaroo the director made Skippy ‘talk’ for the camera by feeding him peanut butter. It stuck to the roof of the animals mouth causing it to make the famous clicking ‘talking’ noise to signify that poor little bobby was stuck down a well. It’s true.. We think.

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    Peanut butter and skippy? #kanganutgate

    POC shorts – oh yes please.

    Bloody thread just cost me £40!

    That must have been quite a wager, Rocketdog… Was it to do with Jamie’s poses? 🙂

    You’d get change from 40quid, trust me 😉

    What size is that Gore Power Trail GT AS Jacket?
    It looks nice and roomy.

    What did you buy for £40? Half a pair of shorts or 2575.107g of peanut butter?

    Thats one complicated single pivot on the GT Sensor, also looks like a very good mud collector…. Proof if every it were needed that Orange has nailed it.

    That rear wheel on the GT is not going to move in a consistent circle around a single pivot point it’ll move in a sort of s shape so is in no way a single pivot.

    No, Jim, it’s effectively a single pivot. The complication arises because the linkages vary the relationship between the dropout and the BB throughout the travel.

    Lavender! Is this what the 90s revival will look like?

    I see Gore are managing to hit their target price point somehwere around WTF levels.

    Intrepid shorts look serious for teh moneyz.

    Lavender! Is this what the 90s revival will look like?

    Wait for the splatter paint at Christmas and some metallic pink shorts in the spring…

    Erm, that GT’s a Horst link, that makes it a 4 bar rather than single pivot dunnit? Must be the drugs eh, coedine certainly gets me that way? heal fast.

    My initial thought was the GT wasn’t a single pivot, but now agree it is.

    £130 for a pair of shorts?

    4 cough.

    The seat stay is solid to the dropout, so it pivots around that point. The Horst link and all the other gubbins just effect shock leverage and bottom bracket poistion

    That GT is single pivot. Relative to the frame. It’s a Horst link relative to the bottom bracket. It’s GT’s (very complicated and muddy) way of dealing with chain growth from a high pivot point. Whether it’s more or less elegant than Commencal’s idler solution, I’m not sure.

    I must be seeing this wrong, but I don’t think I am. Forget about the Horst link, for the suspension to compress the two pivots above and below the BB need to move resulting in the rear wheel moving away from the front half of the frame. Thus the wheel doesn’t move in a radius to a single fixed point.

    If I’m right with that then it can’t be a single pivot.

    Ignore everything but the seatstay. The wheel moves on a single pivot at the top of the seatstay.

    Everything else is linkages to control chain growth and compress the shock.

    I can see what you are saying about it being a single pivot.

    Have you told GT this?

    Only the rep I spoke to yesterday reckoned it was not.

    Maybe we could invent a newism…….’single pivot +’.

    Every bastard will want one!

    Maybe it is a single pivot if you are just talking about the relationship between the back wheel and seat tube…….

    But this bike has a floating bb and crank which is not rigidly attached to the seat tube like most other setups……

    So, if you are talking about the relationship between the crank/bb and the rear wheel then it is a four bar…….

    But the main thing is how it all translates when you are riding it, and Barney, in whom we all trust, seems to think that the jobs-a good-un with this one. Hopefully I’ll get a go on one soonish and find out.

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