Wednesday Videos: Roost Carbon, Shipping Containers, Bobsleigh Tracks

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Announcing the Roost Carbon, by Ridiculous Bikes. It has an assortment of very progressive features, and you can find out more here.

(In all seriousness: How far off the mark do you think some of these things are from things we’ll see in five years?)

That’s our favourite thing so far today, but here are some other recent videos that have variously landed in our inboxes or lunged from neglected playlists. First, two men, two bikes and a bobsleigh track. The recently enabled 60FPS videos on YouTube look pretty swanky, don’t they?

Remy Matailler kicks up some dust in Whistler. The beginning of this has some ace audio, though if your delicate ears are offended by sweary rappers, the rest of it might not be your cup of tea.

Highlights of the Suzuki Nine Knights 2015:

Sticking with ridiculous mid-air feats, Uncontainable gave us uncontainable incredulity:

Finally, if you’re thinking of building up to that with some skate park practice, remember: Things don’t always go to plan.

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    28″ wheels are here already 🙂 If you take it that 27.5 is a vaguely reasonable name for the mid size, the new wide trail type formats by definition are 28s… Discuss.

    That Remy video is from early 2014 when he rode for Giant… moves to Commencal and a few months later this appears:
    Amazing. Nuts.

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