Singletrack Reader Awards 2015: Best Bike Shop

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The finalists this year are…

  • Garage Bikes – Morley, West Yorkshire
  • 18 Bikes – Hope, Derbyshire
  • Riders Cycle Centre, Skipton
No garages in sight, just lots of orange.

Garage Bikes

Garage Bikes is the epitome of a small business. Run by husband and wife team Sarah and Al it is one of the new breed of workshop based businesses. The lack of a showroom full of bikes doesn’t seem to have prevented them from garnering a very loyal and extensive following among customers, which is perhaps down to much more than just Al and his mechanic’s technical skills. The shop has become a hub of a community of riders and friends who meet regularly several times a week to ride local and further away. The shop has its own team of riders, unmissable at a multitude of grass roots events in their full on orange shop team jerseys. It’s a shop that is as welcoming to new faces as old, driven by a committed couple who simply love riding bikes and want to spread that love as far as they can.

Find out more about Garage Bikes on their very orange website

Not all bikes shops are the same
Not all bikes shops are the same


18 Bikes are previous winners of this award and it’s really not surprising that they are here once more. Nestled in the heart of the Peak District there’s almost no better location for a bike shop with such a multitude of classic riding options right out of the door. Routes that Simon and his staff are always more than happy to advise you on. Simon is that special breed of bike shop owner who is a mountain biker first, shop owner second. But then it’s in his blood – Simon’s family has been dealing in bikes in one shape or another for over a century now and they’ve just recently branched out into building their own 18bikes steel frames. Now, not only can you shop at 18bikes but you can ride one too.

More about 18bikes on their website

Custom Build
RCC is all about the custom bike, service, coffee, woodburner, art…

Riders Cycle Centre

Riders Cycle Centre, Skipton. Sometimes it’s easiest to just list what people have had to say..
It’s an awesome place to drop in, get a coffee, read a book, look at a map, get inspired, learn how to build/maintain a bike and maybe even buy some stuff. But mostly it’s about Stuart living the dream and doing what it takes to get regular guys on two wheels.” All we will add is what we said when we featured them in Tuesday Treats, “RCC has that old fashioned bike shop feel. A welcoming feel. A wood burner keeping the workshop warm and fresh ground coffee on the go.”

Read more on their website

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    Strange category. Best bike shop in the north of England maybe?

    Which shop did you nominate?

    I know what you’re saying, but I still think its a bizarre category with readers spread all over the country.
    Carry on 🙂

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