Interbike 2015: Costelo’s Smart bike brings the information

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I’m picking up good vibrations

Hello, spaceputer
Hello, spaceputer

More than ever before, there’s a broad menu of information available to the data-hungry rider.  Speed, distance, cadence, location, navigation, power, lighting, and approaching vehicle detection are all available today-  but we’ve never seen them all combined into one bicycle.  Chinese company Costelo has done just this- and it’s actually pretty impressive (even in its somewhat unfinished state).

Freakin' radar beams!
Freakin’ radar beams!

While it would be enough to tidily integrate a computer and light into a carbon fibre bar/stem combo, Costello also build ANT+ power meter cranks (~£250 at retail) and an integrated seatpost “quasi-military level radar” to detect approaching automobiles.  When a car is determined to be coming on too closely or quickly, the rider is notified by a vibrating deice in the Smart’s seatmast.

Similarly, turn-by-turn directions are communicated to the rider by vibrating handlebar inserts- a buzzing right grip indicating a right turn.  The materials provided also mention a G-force sensor, presumably for accident detection and emergency notification.  Despite some dangling wires, the system appeared functional and the backlit OLED screen appeared easy to read even with a high-gloss cover.  It is an impressive effort and may well be a sign of things to come.

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